What it Takes to be a M Girl


There are many things our guests notice when first entering our resort, aside from our design, scent and four-star service, sometimes it's our Team Members themselves. M Girls are our most recognized Team Members and serve as ambassadors for our resort; they even have their own calendar. So what does it take to be one of these cocktail cuties? We sat down with Ena, one of our M Girls who has been with us since opening to find out.MGirlWalking

If you want to be an M Girl, you have to be outgoing, personable, smile and get along with your guests. You need to be dedicated to your job, take time, look good, do your makeup correctly and hair because it will make it worth your while. It's important to have a smile on your face even if you've been on your feet all day.

As an M Girl you have to learn how to multitask. Sometimes you're busy on the floor and you have a lot of drinks to take out but you make sure that you always have a smile on your face and take care of the guest.

Every day is different as an M Girl that's what makes it so much fun to come to work! Sometimes the days are long and you do stand on your feet a lot but, overall when a customer remembers you, that's what makes a job worthwhile. On a typical day we greet our guests, we take their drink orders, we talk to our guests about the newest promotions and we also make sure that our guests have enjoyed their visit while staying at the M Resort.

We do take a training class with our drink orders and you go on the floor and you train for a week with one of us and we will help you. As an M Girl the job is very flexible. If you want to go to school during the day you can work the night shift or you can work the on-call shift which gives you more flexibility.

MGirlwBartenderThe employees at the M are fun, we're like a family. We all get along. I enjoy working with our supervisors they listen to us and they take care of problems. I have worked at several properties but I feel the M is the best place that I have ever worked at.

If you're interested in being an M Girl, we're hiring for pool season! Visit the employment page of our website to submit your resume today!