Ordering Up for M

LiquorBoxesEver wonder how that delicious steak made its way to your dinner table at the M? Or how the bed you sleep on during your visit with us got here? Our Purchasing Department is responsible for ordering every product and amenity that our guests enjoy, from pillow-top mattresses to crab legs. This group of unsung heroes works tirelessly to ensure that each person, in every department, has the tools and inventory necessary to provide unparalleled service and an unforgettable guest experience.

"Every single object that a guest comes in contact with, we've touched in one way or another," said Carmen Parmele, purchasing agent. "Our guests don't really know we exist, but we're here to make sure they have the necessary items for a wonderful experience at our resort. Purchasing orders everything from nuts and bolts, slot machines, paint, beverages, meats and even pens and paper. If you're using it, we've ordered it!"

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In addition to constantly placing orders, the purchasing team is also responsible for locating products that other departments need. It's not just about finding the product. We have to make sure to get it for the right price and have it arrive by the time it's needed. "We've had some very unique requests before; most of them come from banquets or special events." If a wedding party requests an exclusive wine or special religious food item, it's the responsibility of the Purchasing Department to track it down. "The most interesting thing I've ever had to order was Halal Chicken. It's poultry that is slaughtered and cooked following specific religious guidelines. It was by no means easy to find but luckily our meat vendor was able to track it down just in time."

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From the unique to the exotic, food and beverage orders are some of the priciest items. "If you're going by the ounce, the most expensive product we order are truffles. Caviar is a close second, followed by certain vintage wines." Crab legs, a Las Vegas staple and a regular fixture at Studio B Buffet, are also ordered (in very large quantities) on a weekly basis. "We order about five to seven thousand pounds of crab legs per week, which is our largest item by volume and price."

"While purchasing can be challenging at times, knowing that our guests have everything they could want, wish or order makes it all worthwhile."