High-Tech Slot Tech

There's more technology behind the screens of your favorite slot machines than meets the eye. Slot technicians, better known as "slot techs" ensure that all of the machines are in excellent condition to maximize guest enjoyment. This profession is far more complicated than just moving and placing new games on the casino floor. The modern day slot tech must have a technical background and knowledge of electronics and computers.


In addition to the slot techs, the slot machines have also evolved significantly. In the past, every time a new game theme was received, each slot machine's glass and reel strips had to be physically changed out. Now, our slot techs have USB flash drives programmed with licensed game themes that are uploaded onto the existing machines. While older machines are still swapped out for newer ones, this technology greatly reduces the need to do so frequently.

Slot techs are also responsible for making sure that every machine communicates effectively with the casino management, ticket-in/ticket-out and slot accounting systems. To monitor these transactions, each slot machine is integrated with a customized hardware unit referred to as a Sentinel. This unit links each slot machine with our casino management system and allows us to issue our guests' free play, track the more than two million monthly ticket-in/ticket-out transactions and gather the accounting information required by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB).

When our slot techs receive new machines, a SentinelSentinel unit is installed, the machine theme is loaded, options are set and then a series of specific tests are run to make sure the machine is up to NGCB standards and ready for our guests to play. The positioning and movement of our slots is dependent on guests' preferences. The slot team takes notice of which machines work best and then positions them accordingly.

While we try to get the newest slots within the first few months they become available, some guests prefer traditional machines. For special slot tournaments, our slot team will bring back older models of classic games such as the one below. The model on the left is from the early 2000's and the slot on the right is its modern-day counterpart.

OlderSlot NewerSlot

Regardless of which game you prefer; our casino floor is the perfect place to play your favorite slots. Thanks to our amazing slot techs, we have the ability to keep them in excellent condition and ready for your next big win.