Staying Green on the Go


It's not easy being staying green while you're on the go. Traveling to and from M (or any other destination) and staying eco-friendly at the same time requires a bit of planning. But don't worry; we're here to help with tips for traveling and helping the environment at the same time.

Staying green during travel starts with how you travel to your destination. Whether you're getting to there by train, plane or car there are always green alternatives.

  • When taking a road trip, opt for driving a hybrid car. If you don't own one yourself, you can rent one. Driving a hybrid will save you money on gas so it's good for your wallet and the environment at the same time.
  • If you're going by air, you can reduce your carbon footprint in the skies by choosing a larger plane. On average, larger planes consume less fuel than smaller aircrafts. Plus it's similar to car pooling, the more passengers on larger planes the fewer smaller planes in the air.
  • While taking a train may seem a bit old-fashioned, trains emit fewer pollutants per passenger than the equivalent amount of cars. You'll also be able to kick back and enjoy the scenery during your ride.

Aside from your mode of transportation, there are other factors to take into consideration while you travel to help reduce the footprint you leave behind.luggage

  • If you're traveling green, you should stay green too. Look for accommodations (like ours) that practice environmentally-friendly initiatives. You can read about how we go green at our own resort.
  • Lighten up your load. Packing lighter helps you save gas during car travel. All of those 50 lb. suitcases add up so this also helps when traveling by plane or train.
  • Power your devices with the sun. Chances are you're traveling with a cell phone, camera, mp3 player and other electronic devices. Invest in a solar charger for your digital electronics and keep them electricity free.

Incorporating any or all of these tips will help you start on the path to green travel. Do you have any good travel tips for going green? Share them with us below!