Player Persona

BlackjackDice, cards, slots, and more; there's an infinite way to satisfy your gambling vices here at M. But, what does your game of choice say about you? You might prefer finding a slot in a secluded area or joining the craps table with the most action. Or maybe your luck is better suited at a poker table. A gambler's preference is a telling sign of a few key personality traits.

Blackjack - The Thinker

If the blackjack table is always your first stop in a casino, chances are you're in it for more than just luck. Knowing basic strategy for blackjack increases a player's chance of winning. When a player acts on a hunch, they can end up giving up that big advantage which is where strategizing and thinking comes into play.

Poker - The IntrovertPokerChips

Poker has become one of the most popular games in every casino; players can usually be seen sitting at tables for hours on end with headphones in their ears or sunglasses on. It's the only game where players are competing against each other and not the house, which can lead to the introverted action in the poker rooms.

Video Poker - The Insightful

Winning at certain table games and slots all depend on luck but video poker is a game of skill. Video poker machine usually have a high payback rate when you play perfect basic strategy. Knowing the strategy (similar to knowing the basics in blackjack) increases your odds. Keeping a close eye on the moves you make in each hand is vital for a video poker player.

Progressive Slots - The Risk Taker

Gambling any large amount of money can deem you a risk taker, but those who opt for the progressive slots are in it for the thrill. Progressive slots offer jackpots larger than usual (think in the hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions). But, to be eligible for the larger-than-life jackpots you have to play the max bet during your spins. Playing the max bet can add up but if you hit the jackpot it will certainly pay off.

Craps - The Extrovert


Odds are when you're walking by a craps table you'll hear whooping and hollering and see the players giving high-fives and other lively gestures. The craps tables are usually the center of attention on a casino floor and tend to attract the most animated of players. This fast-paced game intimidates some, but is a favorite to many.

Of course, not all poker players are introverts and not every progressive slots players is a big risk-takers. These personality traits are a generalization of the average player for each game. Let us know which game of choice you are. Do you think the traits above are similar to your personality? Share your thoughts with us below!