Perfect Couple of Bites

fruittartsWho said bigger is better? A culture that once craved bigger is now crazy for minis. From phones, cars and now desserts, sweet treats have boldly been going smaller. Bite-size creations are a growing trend in the pastry world and you can find them all over our resort. To get a taste of M's very own dainty cakes, tiny tarts and other mini treats head to Studio B Buffet or Baby Cakes Patisserie where the minis are prominently presented in our pastry displays.

chocolatemooseSo what's the appeal of petite pastries? Any dish twice as small as its original somehow becomes twice as irresistible. The bite-sizes allow you to indulge and sample many different treats without the temptation of devouring an entire cake or pie. Some of our most popular small sweets include classics like tiramisu, ?clairs and good old fashioned cheesecake. dessertshooters

Our bakery team has mastered the art of scaling down full-size recipes into the smaller portions that our guests love. The recipes don't have to be altered much, just the portioning of the actual treat. The real task is in the d?cor, the decorations on each pretty pastry are smaller and more intricate than its full-sized counterparts.

These guilt-free indulgences aren't just good for your diet; they're also good for your wallet. Miniature pastries at Baby Cakes go for about $2, a small price to pay for desserts whipped up by a gourmet pastry chef. At Studio B, all the sweet treats you can devour are included in the price of your meal.

dessertassortment raspberrytart Macaroon

Have you had a bite of any of our mini pastries before? Leave a comment below and let us know which ones are your favorite.