New Year, New Ways to Spa

A New Year brings new beauty trends and all new ways to pamper yourself. It's the perfect time to rejuvenate your body and your soul with the array of new spa trends coming your way for the New Year. Feeling a little stressed? The holiday season can leave us all a bit drained and incorporating one (or a few) of these new spa treatments will do just the trick. We caught up with our spa's manager Kate Wind to see what's new in the spa world for 2012.SpaFeet

The "hot" spa treatments this year will actually be cold! 2011 spa trends brought the heat and 2012 is cooling it down. This year's trends will include a focus on cold treatments veering away from hot treatments, which have been popular in previous years. Cold-themed treatments help reduce inflammation in joints and muscles as well as increase circulation throughout the entire body.

While many treatments will be cooling you down, this year special focus will be placed on your feet. You can never have enough TLC for your tootsies and foot-focused treatments will help to relieve the stress from the bottom up. Think of all the pain your feet feel after a full day in heels, it's their turn to get a little pampering.

It seems like everyone's short on time. Quick spa services are in and we've got just the fix for the time-crunched spa-goer. Spa Mio offers a list of "Tapas Services" featuring shorter versions of their most popular services. Think 25-minute manis, facials, waxings and more! It's the perfect choice for our conference guests or people on the go.SpaMassageTable

Now to concentrate on the soul; treatments featuring vibration and sound therapy will help engage your senses. The sound vibrations of the bowls help align the body and your energy. This technique is one of the oldest in the spa world, being based on a sound massage treatment in Indian medicine over 5,000 years ago.

Keep an eye out for new treatments at our spa. Spa Mio is working on incorporating some of these items in their future spa menu. For example, cold stones will be used on feet during massages and pedicures. Also, massage treatments may integrate Tibetan Bowls therapy during services.

Have you treated yourself to any services featuring these new spa trends? Let us know what you enjoyed best and what spa treatments you're looking forward to trying in the New Year!