Automatic Sip

HGPourThere's always been something fun about using a soda fountain, especially the first time your parents allow you to pour your own drink. With a little help from our Enomatic Tasting Machines you can pour like a kid but drink like an adult. Our underground wine lounge, Hostile Grape features a complete wine serving system by Enomatic that pours your wine for you.

Enomatic systems are able to dispense wine directly from the bottle and use inert gas preservation to do so. With such technology, the flavors and characteristics of the wine remain HGEnomaticintact, as if the bottle had just been opened. If you tasted a glass poured from our machines and one from a freshly uncorked bottle, chances are you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference.

Using Enomatic's portion control technology, our guests are able to sample wines at Hostile Grape by pours of one, three and five ounces. To choose your pour simply insert a pre-paid card into the machines and choose how many ounces you'd like to try. The wine is then instantly dispensed in a fountain-like flow right into your wine glass.

With the majority of our wine collection on display in the Enomatic Machines, we invite you to explore our selection yourself. Peruse our wine stock and personally select the wines you'd like to sample.

The spouts themselves go through an automatic self-cleaning after each pour, guaranteeing your glass is just as fresh and clean as the first.