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Taste our Vino

Marinellis Wine BottlesCan't get enough of M? Neither can we. In fact, we even put a bit of M into the wine we serve our guests. You'll find our very own Marnell wine label, Marinelli's available at all our fine dining restaurants and in our wine bar Hostile Grape. The name Marinelli's might sound familiar and that's because it's also the name of our Italian restaurant. Marinelli's wine comes exclusively from the Marnell family vineyard located in Lockeford, California and can only be found here at M!

There are five different selections of Marinelli's wine to choose from at our resort. If you visit Hostile Grape you can sample all of these wines (and 155 others) by the glass.


Made from the classic Italian grape grown in the best areas of California, Marinelli's Sangiovese has ripe aromas of red and black raspberry with a touch of bread dough. The wine projects flavors of rhubarb, blackberry and spicy notes. Its finish is marked by sweet tannins, brandied cherries and almond biscotti. This Sangiovese is made with both punch cap fermentation in open tanks and closed tanks. Each lot is aged separately for 20 months in French and Eastern European Oak barrels.

Marinellis Wine BottleChardonnay

The Chardonnay from the Marinelli's wine label has notes of pineapple and honeysuckle. It's crisp, fresh and bright with citrus and green apple flavors and subtle oak notes. Marnielli's Chardonnay is a medium-full bodied wine, rich with excellent acid balance and firm texture. This wine is barrel fermented and aged for nine months in specially-made French oak barrels.

Pinot Grigio

This bright and crisp Pinot Grigio is dry with a rich fruit center. It's pressed directly to a stainless steel tank and is cold fermented for three months. It is then aged in stainless steel tanks before bottling. This particular wine on the Marinelli's label pairs perfectly with a wide range of cuisines.

Cabarnet Franc

The aromas of ripe plum, clove and hints of damp leaves come out immediately in Marinelli's Cabarnet Franc. Black currant and pungent clove flavors abound on the palate followed by sweet tobacco, cedar plank and a welcome shot of tannin on the smooth finish. The Cabarnet Franc is punch cap fermented and then balance fermented in stainless steel tanks using the pump-over process. It is aged for 18 months in a combination of old French and European cooperage.Marinellis Wine Bottles2


The Marinelli's Merlot has plum and blueberry on the nose, firm tannin, medium plus body, plum and blueberry on the palate and a touch of oak on the finish. It shows balance and richness with distinct Merlot flavors. It's fermented on the skins for eight days and aged for 22 months in French oak barrels.

You might see a few bottles here and there because we occasionally give some of our signature label out for gift days. Want to take part in our gift days? Simply sign up for an iMagine Rewards Card and you might be lucky enough to snag your own bottle in the future. Otherwise, you can also sample a glass or two at any of our restaurants.

Our Hosts are at Your Service

CathleenEvery casino player's best friend is their Host. Casino hosts hold the key (or paper slip) to getting you comps and other perks from M in return for casino play. They're here to make your experience at M as enjoyable as possible and most importantly, they're here to serve you. "There has always been a certain mystery about what we do in the casino," said Cathleen Regalado, a Casino Host at M Resort. "As a host I build relationships with our guests, I have a rapport with them, keep in touch and make sure they want to continue to play at our resort."

Cathleen has been a Casino Host at the M since the resort opened in 2009. "I'm proud to work at the M and I think that pride translates to my guests and through my work. We're a very accommodating resort and there's nothing more rewarding than having guests that not only look forward to coming back to M but also look forward to seeing me." According to Cathleen, it's all about the personality when it comes to hosting. "A great host always has a smile on their face! Personality is key and being able to talk with guests and maintain that connection with them is vital."

Many Casino Hosts start off working in different jobs in the hospitality industry. "I knew once I starting working at a casino that I wanted to stay in the business." Cathleen began her career cocktailing and loved the contact she had with guests. "Hosting has continued to allow me the guest interaction and given me an opportunity to grow in the hospitality industry."

Hosting isn't always just about giving out comps. "One of the most common misconceptions about my job is that I can just extend certain comps to guests anytime I want. Ultimately, the comps are up to the guests themselves and how much they spend in turn qualifies them for certain rewards."

Cathleen and the other M Casino Hosts go the extra mile for their guests. . "I knew one of my guests loved the pillows we have in the rooms at M, I was able to find out where we purchase them and I sent pillows to her as a special gift for her birthday." While pillows are a bit unusual for a host to give out, common things include buffet and food and beverage credits, room stays, VIP line access, car service and more. Getting in touch with a casino host is as simple as stopping in to our VIP Lounge (located next to our casino cage) or picking up any of the house phones around M and requesting to speak to the host on duty.

Turkey To Go, Thanksgiving Takeout from M

TurkeyThanksgiving is fast approaching! In fact, we already have Turkey Day menus on the brain. We think the best way to enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is to let someone else do the cooking; us here at M to be more specific. Just imagine a Thanksgiving dinner with your friends and family without having to do any work.

Dining at one of our restaurants may be your first thing that comes to mind when letting someone else prepare your Thanksgiving dinner and you can certainly do that as our restaurants offer many favorites every day and our buffet will have all of your Thanksgiving must-haves. But if you’re looking to enjoy a family feast around your dining table wihtout the kitchen mess that is usually associated with this delicious day we are offering our Thanksgiving To Go Packages for the second year in a row. We're serving up a full Thanksgiving spread (that feeds up to 10 people!) packaged and ready for you to pick up on Thanksgiving Day.

New for this year, we're offering a wine pairing for your Thanksgiving meal. Our team has picked two favorites to complement your dinner; a crisp and clean Chardonnay with tropical fruit and buttery notes and a full-flavored Cabernet Sauvignon with hints of bell pepper and spice aromas.

If you're wondering how popular our Thanksgiving To Go Package really is, last year we fed nearly 3,000 people!

Below is a look at what our Thanksgiving To Go Package includes:


Butternut Squash

Main Course

Whole Roasted Tom Turkey

Side Dishes

Traditional Stuffing

Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes with Turkey Gravy

Maple Glazed Yams

Cranberry Relish

Creamed Corn

Green Bean Amandine

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls & Honey Butter


Apple Pie

Pumpkin Pie

To order your freshly prepared turkey day feast call 702-797-1884 by Saturday November 19. There will be no on-site purchases available and all packages will be available for pick-up from 11:30am-4:30pm on Thursday, November 24 on our loading dock.

Trendy Tabletops

Marinelli'sAs you may have noticed, it's all about the details here at M. Our custom scent, our water features, and even the art we display around our resort have all been hand-picked by our expert Team Members. We spare no expense when it comes to the atmosphere our guests are in and this includes every last fork, knife and glass that you use at M.

Veloce TableWhen you sit down at one of our restaurants, what's the first thing that catches your eye? Forget about the bread and butter, chances are your gaze focuses on part of our tablescape. Selecting china and flatware for a luxury resort is an important process. The tableware we use is similar to a first impression; it's our initial chance to make the ultimate statement about what you're going to experience. It starts with finding pieces Anthony'sthat not only look good but also blend in with our property and restaurants.

The five month selection process for our executives began with determining the look and feel for each restaurant and then seeing what vendors had to showcase. Prior to opening our team looked at over 30 venders with well over 1,000 items. That may seem like a whole lot of Marinelli's Private Roomtableware but considering we had six restaurants, five bars and lounges, and in-room dining to fill the more options the better! Each and every item, right down to the very last napkin we use has been hand-selected by our team. Every item chosen by our team then received final approval by our President, Anthony A. Marnell III. It was quite a process if you can imagine entire rooms full of napkins, glassware, forks, and plates!

Oyster BarThe next time you dine with us, take a closer look at the different plates used throughout your meal. Our team chose refined and elegant tableware selections, with unique pieces mixed in. You'll notice many square and rectangle dishes as well as some with color. A few of our restaurants have texturized woven placemats, a variety of appetizer plates and unique bread baskets. Using an assortment allows us to create uniqueness through the details.

Eye in the Sky


A section of the Surveillance Room at M.

Las Vegas is known for many different things: gambling, buffets, weddings and for being America's Playground. With so much high-paced activity going on 24/7 our city has also become a headquarters for all things security and surveillance. Casinos take observation to the next level and tend to have more cameras per square foot than any airport or sports arena*. High-tech equipment and (many) keen eyes work together to form the Surveillance Team at M and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek inside the most secretive room on our property.

Our surveillance room is filled with screens, computers and all the sophisticated equipment that it takes to keep a four-star resort operating safely and smoothly. Despite our "boutique" 390 room size, our security and surveillance software is top-of-the-line. While many casinos still use video tape to record the casino floor (meaning they must constantly change out those tapes and can only record on a certain number of cameras) our casino operates on CCTV (closed circuit television) which is entirely digital and records everything displayed on our all cameras continuously all the time. It also gives our Surveillance team the ability to access any video from any time our property has been open, nearly instantly.

Most people might think surveillance means only monitoring cameras, but our team takes a pro-active approach to observing the activities on our casino floor. According to our surveillance team the cameras are just one aspect of the job. Others include making sure our team knows and understands the games, our dealers are property trained to handle cards and our pit team knows to report suspicious behavior or large wagers. It's a combination of not only cameras but intelligence gathered from many different areas that make a strong surveillance team.

Our team works to ensure all our guests are safe while at our resort but one of the main purposes of our Surveillance team is keeping an eye on the casino floor. Our team uses different software products to help them identify known cheaters and advantage players. The program captures someone's face and converts the image into mathematical data and then compares it to our resort's private database and also SIN's (Surveillance Information Network) catalog of cheaters compiled from other casino properties. The program is able to pull up a person's height, weight, aliases and even known associates by just someone's face.

If a person's face isn't matched to a known advantage player, or perhaps they're cheating in a casino for the first time playing blackjack the Blackjack Survey software catalogues the game (when a player hits, stands, etc.) and is able to evaluate the game mathematically to determine if a player is counting cards or in fact cheating. If they are cheating, the software is able to analyze if the player is making decisions based on knowing the dealer's hole-card (dealer's face down card) or top-card (next card dealt). The program is also able to measure a player's luck. It gives their win/loss probability, deck luck, initial card luck, betting luck, draw card luck and dealer's bust ratio.

Even with the help of high-tech software the true skill lies with our Surveillance Team Members and their knowledge combined with our state-of-the-art means of detection.

*According to a recent Washington Post article.

Going Pink at Spa Mio

Pink PolishCakes, cookies and spa treatments. Some of the best things in life are pink this month at Spa Mio! Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated every October; our very own four-star rated spa is supporting this special month by "going pink" through October 31. Pink themed treatments, specials and discounts are running all October to raise awareness for breast cancer Pink Kerastaseorganizations.

As any Spa Mio guest knows, our spa has a great selection of retail for you to choose from to pamper your skin, hair, body and even mind. Since this month is all about everything pink, any product you see in pink packaging is offered at 25% off. That's right ladies, even those highly sought after K?rastase products will be 25% of until October 31, so be sure to stock up on your next visit!Pink Earrings

After a long summer season by the pool, it's important to treat your feet to a little something special! Spa Mio's Pink Cookie Pedicure will leave your feet perfectly primped and ready for the fall season ahead. The pedicure is finished off with a cookie foot scrub that leaves your feet with that freshly baked scent without gaining a pound. The best part of this tasty treatment is it can be combined with Spa Mio's local's discount. All locals receive 25% off full-priced spa and salon services seven days a week so offering this discount on top of the special pricing is certainly a treat!

Along with the pink specials Spa Mio is also giving you a chance to "Win Pink"! If you submit the closest guess to how many gel beads are in a pink face mask you can win a basket full of pink goodies from our spa! Each guess costs $1.


With all these pink specials, you've got a lot of spa-going to delve in to. If you try our Pink Cookie Pedicure or any other October special let us know what you think!

Sushi: How We Roll

Sushi MakingWe showed you how we roll on the tables; now it's time to show you how we roll at the bar. The sushi bar to be exact! We're particularly fond of sushi rolls, in fact we love this Japanese specialty so much you can eat it at three different places at our resort! Our rooftop restaurant Veloce, Anthony's Oyster Bar, adjacent to our steakhouse and even our buffet Studio B all serve a different variety of sushi, sashimi and nigiri.

Sushi in the desert may seem hard to come by but Las Vegas alone consumes a large portion of the nearly five billion pounds of seafood consumed in the U.S. each year! With the closest ocean being pretty far away from M, you may wonder how it's possible for us to get the fresh, high-quality fish that's served in our restaurants. Well, it's with a little help from Honolulu Fish Company. The company flies all our seafood in daily from Hawaii. So savor that next bite of tuna, it did a lot of traveling just to get to your plate.

Here at our resort, we like to put a little M into everything we do. While we still serve your standard sushi favorites like Spicy Tuna Roll, Caterpillar Roll, Rainbow Roll, etc. we also have our own signature rolls that you can't find anywhere else. Our master sushi chefs are slicing up some pretty creative rolls; so the next time you get your sushi fix, try one of these specialty sushi selections handpicked by us!

Sushi AssortmentVeloce Cibo

Surf and Turf Roll

Spicy tuna, kobe beef, sushi rice, nori seaweed

M Girl Roll

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber, jalapeno, sushi rice, crunch

Godzilla Roll

Spicy tuna, asparagus, wasabi, tobiko, deep fried, spicy crab, crunch

Anthony’s Oyster Bar

Anthony's Roll

Lobster tempura, seared beef tenderloin (rare) wrapped in sushi rice

Whether you're an occasional eater of the fishy fare or it's a staple in your diet, let us know which rolls at M are your favorites to chow down on!

Inside the Best Buffet in Vegas

Studio B AerialNothing says Vegas vacation like dining at the buffet. It's a must do on any tourist's trip and our very own (award-winning) Studio B Buffet is a must try for tourists, foodies and locals alike. Our buffet is generously equipped to satisfy all your food cravings. It's a food lover's paradise with all you can eat crab legs, shrimp, beef, sushi, Italian, Asian and more (trust us, we can keep going). To top it all off (or wash it all down) we offer all our buffet guests unlimited beer, wine, hard cider and espressos (Baileys and Sambuca optional).

But, if you're reading this, chances are you've already been lucky enough to dine at Studio B. We've heard a few of you like our buffet. Ok, so we've heard a lot of you like our buffet. We think the multiple awards might have tipped us off. Maybe it's the selection of over 200 dishes you have to choose from, the gourmet desserts from our world-famous Parisian pastry chef Jean Claude Canestrier, the modern ambience which includes a 116-screen video wall or like we already mentioned, the unlimited beer and wine.

No matter what your food (or drink) vice may be there's a lot of work that goes in to preparing masses of (high-quality) food for our buffet diners. How many M Team Members does it take to keep buffet-goers with full plates? What are our most popular dishes? How many people do we feed on a daily basis? Find out the answer to these and many other buffet questions as our Vice President of Food & Beverage fills you in on the inside scoop at Studio B Buffet.

INOA Hair Color at Spa Mio

InoaWe're all about scent here at M, but we definitely prefer pleasant ones like the scents used throughout our resort. We know not everything can smell as great as we do, which is why we're excited to introduce a new product offered at our four-star awarded Spa Mio. The next time you're getting a hair dye job, be sure to ask for L'Or?al's INOA hair coloring. We promise that you (and your nose) will thank us later.

L'Or?al's new INOA hair color product line has no ammonia (the smelly stuff). Say good-bye to that burning sensation if you have a sensitive scalp because INOA has gotten rid of that too. It might seem a bit too good to be true but the INOA hair color offers the same thorough gray coverage and all around color as its ammonia-laden competitors. While you may think hair damage and hair color go hand-in-hand, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out that INOA not only doesn't damage the hair but it will leave your hair just as smooth as before it was even being colored.

So how does this product pack such a punch without the chemicals? The secret is in the oil-based formula. INOA is applied to dry hair and its color dye molecules are attracted to the water already present inside your hair strands. The oil based color molecules force themselves inside the hair. In traditional hair color, ammonia is used to open up the hair fibers so dye can penetrate. Sound a little complicated? We thought so. We had the professionals with INOA stop by Spa Mio and give us and our spa Team Members the lowdown on the product and using it.

Lynyrd Skynyrd Rocks M

Lynyrd Skynyrd Band

Rock band, Lynyrd Skynyrd performed to a full-house this weekend at M! Our pool deck was packed with about 4,500 Skynyrd fans as they played their biggest hits including "Sweet Home Alabama," "Freebird" and songs from their new album God & Guns. This southern rock group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. The band rocked out poolside for an hour and a half at our resort and lived up to their legendary rock name by putting on an unforgettable performance.

Gary Rossington

The last original member of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Gary Rossington (middle) jams on his guitar.

As most Lynyrd Skynyrd fans know, the band was struck with great tragedy in 1977 when three of the band's members were killed in a plane crash. The band reformed ten years later after a hiatus and has been touring ever since. Johnny Van Zant, brother of founding band member Ronnie Van Zant performed the lead vocals for the band with Gary Rossington on guitar who is the only original member of the band to date.

Ronnie Van Zant

Lead singer Ronnie Van Zant belts out the band's hit songs.

We gave our blog readers a chance to win their way to the show and we also gave a few pairs of tickets to our followers on Twitter. Be sure to keep reading and following us for more chances to win other great prizes! If you were lucky enough to see Lynyrd Skynyrd perform at our resort, let us know what you thought of the show by leaving a comment below!

Special thank you to our photographer Tom Donoghue for the great photos!