Lighting up M

MSign2Flashy signs have been lighting up the Las Vegas skyline throughout history. Oversized glittering displays mark the entryway to our city, with the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, and signs of the past are preserved at the Neon Museum. A showy sign is standard embellishment for Vegas resorts and can be spotted adorning the buildings of just about all of them.

Our resort is lit up by a marquee and two giant M-shaped signs, one on either side of our glass building. Our M signs aren't your ordinary Vegas signage. While traditional Vegas signs are outfitted with neon, our Ms are fully composed of LED lighting, a green alternative for sign lighting. LEDs or light emitting diodes use much less electricity than their flashing counterparts. Each M has thousands of LEDs and is over 60 feet tall.MSignItalian

Not only can our LED Ms light up any color in the RBG spectrum, they can also display any type of video. We even have the ability to display a full movie on our Ms. On a typical night you'll most likely see our logoed signs light up in blues and light yellows. During the holidays they display anything from pumpkins and candy canes to snowflakes and even an Italian flag during special events.


The control room at M where the sign images are changed.

To keep our Ms looking good, our team of designers creates color schemes in video format. When our resort opened, over 30 different color combinations were presented to our resort's president who had the final say in which colors got the go ahead for the Ms. To actually get the colors to appear on them, our creative team uses specialized software and hardware to upload the videos and control when each one is displayed.

Whether you're approaching M from Las Vegas Boulevard or driving in from California, our unique building shape makes the M signs viewable from nearly every angle. On your next visit to M, we invite you to take a look up (after dark) to see what color our Ms are.