Eight Days of Light

MenorahThere are many different ways to celebrate the holiday season. Next Tuesday night, we will host our third annual Menorah lighting to celebrate the start of Hanukkah. The eight day festival of lights begins at sundown on December 20.

For readers who may not know, Hanukkah, which translates to "dedication" in Hebrew celebrates the recapture and redirection of the Temple in Jerusalem by Judas in 164 BC. Once the Temple had been reclaimed, a lamp was lit for its rededication. The lamp miraculously burned for eight nights despite only have enough oil for one. To commemorate this, a Menorah is lit during each night of Hanukkah.MenorahRabbi

Our Menorah stands approximately five feet tall in our hotel lobby. One each night of Hanukkah one candle is lit on the nine-brand candelabra. The ninth branch or shamash is the servant light, which is lit first and used to kindle the other lights on the Menorah. Candles on a Menorah must be the same height and in a straight row. The shamash should stand out from the other eight candles either being higher or lower than the MenorahCrowdothers.

We invite you to help spread the holiday cheer and join us in our lobby at 4 pm on Tuesday Dec. 20. Assistant Rabbi Zukrow of Congregation Ner Tamid will lead the lighting and prayer. Hot chocolate and sugar cookies will be served after the ceremony.