Lounging in Style


The VIP Lounge is a casino staple in Las Vegas. Having access to ours is just one of the many perks that come with an iMagine Rewards Card (a Platinum and M Card to be specific). Our Platinum Lounge is your gateway to private check-in, faster host services and even more perks.VIP Entry

Located near M's Casino Cage, the Platinum Lounge is tucked away behind sleek tinted glass doors. When first walking past you might not even notice what luxury awaits once you enter. The rich color palette and progressive architectural style seen throughout M continues in the space.

Plush couches and other places to relax in this VIP Lounge is the private sanctuary for some of M's biggest players. Players who can hang in the Platinum Lounge are able to immediately see a casino host and can also check into their room from here. That means no waiting in lines at the front desk. Another perk included in our lounge is access to water, soda and other beverages.

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Think you've got what it takes to lounge in true VIP style? All you have to do is earn at least a Platinum iMagine Rewards Card which means racking up an average of 100,000 points in 90 days. Our VIP Lounge is open from 9am-7pm Monday-Thursday, 9am-10pm Friday-Saturday and 8am-7pm on Sunday.

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