Center of Attention

LobbyWhat's the first place you enter in at a resort? Chances are it's the lobby. One of the initial impressions many of our guests experience after walking through the front doors under our porte-cochere is taking in the modern elegance found in our lobby. Our lobby is outfitted with many notable architectural facets including water features, a wide and bright glass ceiling and a captivating display of calla lilies.

If you've been to our resort you know the calla lily display draws the most attention. From guests posing next to the flowers to those trying to smell and touch them (they aren't real, by the way) it's a feature of our lobby that can't be overlooked.

Lobby Lilies

The calla lilies display consists of two large, sectioned trellises that bisect the lobby area creating a focal point for the room. The two stainless steel trellis wall panels consist of 40 sections that each contains calla lilies. Every trellis is five sections high and four sections across for a total of 20 sections per side. Each section has approximately 19 to 21 calla lilies giving our lobby's display over 800 total lilies.

The display features hundreds of calla lilies. One of the secrets to our lilies looking ideal everyday is that they're faux. The faux flowers were custom designed for our resort and hand made from silk. Even though they're made of silk, the next time you're near our lilies take a deep breath and see what you Lilies Closesmell. Our calla lilies and lobby area are scented with one of our four signature scents used around property.

The next time your find yourself in our lobby take a second to smell the roses calla lilies. If you have a great photo of our lilies, feel free to share it on our Facebook page or stop and take one during your next visit.