Trendy Tabletops

Marinelli'sAs you may have noticed, it's all about the details here at M. Our custom scent, our water features, and even the art we display around our resort have all been hand-picked by our expert Team Members. We spare no expense when it comes to the atmosphere our guests are in and this includes every last fork, knife and glass that you use at M.

Veloce TableWhen you sit down at one of our restaurants, what's the first thing that catches your eye? Forget about the bread and butter, chances are your gaze focuses on part of our tablescape. Selecting china and flatware for a luxury resort is an important process. The tableware we use is similar to a first impression; it's our initial chance to make the ultimate statement about what you're going to experience. It starts with finding pieces Anthony'sthat not only look good but also blend in with our property and restaurants.

The five month selection process for our executives began with determining the look and feel for each restaurant and then seeing what vendors had to showcase. Prior to opening our team looked at over 30 venders with well over 1,000 items. That may seem like a whole lot of Marinelli's Private Roomtableware but considering we had six restaurants, five bars and lounges, and in-room dining to fill the more options the better! Each and every item, right down to the very last napkin we use has been hand-selected by our team. Every item chosen by our team then received final approval by our President, Anthony A. Marnell III. It was quite a process if you can imagine entire rooms full of napkins, glassware, forks, and plates!

Oyster BarThe next time you dine with us, take a closer look at the different plates used throughout your meal. Our team chose refined and elegant tableware selections, with unique pieces mixed in. You'll notice many square and rectangle dishes as well as some with color. A few of our restaurants have texturized woven placemats, a variety of appetizer plates and unique bread baskets. Using an assortment allows us to create uniqueness through the details.