Our Hosts are at Your Service

CathleenEvery casino player's best friend is their Host. Casino hosts hold the key (or paper slip) to getting you comps and other perks from M in return for casino play. They're here to make your experience at M as enjoyable as possible and most importantly, they're here to serve you. "There has always been a certain mystery about what we do in the casino," said Cathleen Regalado, a Casino Host at M Resort. "As a host I build relationships with our guests, I have a rapport with them, keep in touch and make sure they want to continue to play at our resort."

Cathleen has been a Casino Host at the M since the resort opened in 2009. "I'm proud to work at the M and I think that pride translates to my guests and through my work. We're a very accommodating resort and there's nothing more rewarding than having guests that not only look forward to coming back to M but also look forward to seeing me." According to Cathleen, it's all about the personality when it comes to hosting. "A great host always has a smile on their face! Personality is key and being able to talk with guests and maintain that connection with them is vital."

Many Casino Hosts start off working in different jobs in the hospitality industry. "I knew once I starting working at a casino that I wanted to stay in the business." Cathleen began her career cocktailing and loved the contact she had with guests. "Hosting has continued to allow me the guest interaction and given me an opportunity to grow in the hospitality industry."

Hosting isn't always just about giving out comps. "One of the most common misconceptions about my job is that I can just extend certain comps to guests anytime I want. Ultimately, the comps are up to the guests themselves and how much they spend in turn qualifies them for certain rewards."

Cathleen and the other M Casino Hosts go the extra mile for their guests. . "I knew one of my guests loved the pillows we have in the rooms at M, I was able to find out where we purchase them and I sent pillows to her as a special gift for her birthday." While pillows are a bit unusual for a host to give out, common things include buffet and food and beverage credits, room stays, VIP line access, car service and more. Getting in touch with a casino host is as simple as stopping in to our VIP Lounge (located next to our casino cage) or picking up any of the house phones around M and requesting to speak to the host on duty.