Get Glam for Halloween Night

Are you still on the hunt for a Halloween costume? This Allhallows Eve you can look like any of your favorite stars, celebrities or characters with a little help from Spa Mio. Let our spa help you transform into a glamorous old-Hollywood movie star, a modern day reality TV star or anything else you can dream up.

Marilyn Monroe

Bring the white pleated dress and Spa Mio will do the rest for your look.

The experts at Spa Mio started our model's Marilyn transformation by curling her hair with a large barrel curling iron.

Marilyn Hair 1 Marilyn Hair 2

The curls were then sprayed with a long lasting hold hair spray and pinned up to cool during the make-up application.

Marilyn Hair 3 Marilyn Hair 5

Our model went for the classic Marilyn glamour look with a nude-toned eye makeup and false lashes.

Marilyn Makeup 1 Marilyn Makeup 3

The look was completed with Marilyn's signature red lips and beauty mark.

Marilyn Before and After

Our model Danielle before her Marilyn Monroe transformation (left) and after (right).


Get your leopard dress and rhinestone glasses ready for one of the hottest costumes this year, Snooki from MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

Our Snooki model started with her makeup application. Dark eye makeup was used to accentuate the eyes.

Snooki Makeup 1 Snooki Makeup

The next step was to give our model that freshly spray tanned glow that Snooki is known for. We layered on the bronzer to get the full guido-look.

Snooki Makeup 3 Snooki Makeup 2

We then got our models hair ready for Snooki's signature hair poof. We used a flat iron to straighten all the hair.

Snooki Hair 1 Snooki Hair 2

A portion of her hair near the crown of her head was sectioned off and the teased with a teasing comb. The hair was then sprayed with hair spray and smoothed back and pinned into a poof.

Snooki Hair 3 Snooki Hair 4

Snooki's look was completed with a light pink gloss for the lips.

Snooki Before and After

Our model Jackie before her Snooki transformation (left) and after (right).

These are just two examples of the different looks Spa Mio's professional hair and makeup artists can do for the Halloween season. Make your appointment for Halloween hair and makeup by calling 702.797.1800.