Make your Home Feel More Like M

M Resort Hotel Room

Chances are, when you're at M you'll never want to leave. And, let's be honest, who would actually want to with four-star accommodations like these? If you're missing our M rooms when you're back at home, you're in luck. We've got a list of ways to make your room feel a little more like our rooms. You can't move in with us so this is the next best thing (we promise).

Wash your sheets!

We're not saying you don't wash them enough, but whenever you're at M you know you're jumping into an (extremely comfortable) bed with freshly washed linens every night! Stick to a schedule and you too can enjoy that freshly-cleaned sheet feeling all the time. If you're extra ambitious you can even make your bed just like we do, check out this video with one of our housekeepers demonstrating our signature M bed making technique. And if you really need to bring a piece of the M home with you, purchase sheets at Spa Mio. The sheets are the same used on Spa Mio's massage tables so they're ultra-soft and comfortable.

Go Mini

There's nothing cuter than a product in a smaller size. Whether it's lotions, soaps or shampoos or even those adorable mini-sodas and candies, stock up your room with mini-treats for use or to simply make you feel like you're staying with us.

De-clutter your space

Our rooms were designed with your comfort in mind, incorporating an upscale yet casual (uncluttered) d?cor. Take a look at your room and everything in it and ask yourself, "Do I really need this here?" If the answer is no, get rid of it! Parting with clutter is the easiest way to cleanse your space and make it feel a little more M-like.

Light it up

After you rid your room of clutter, add some more lights. Our rooms are equipped with bedside lamps, closet lights, reading lights, floor lamps and more! Adding a few extra lights here and there will help create a polished and sophisticated look (kind of like our rooms).

Clean your room on Thursdays

Why Thursday you ask? Cleaning before the weekend will allow you more time to relax in your room when you're home to spend the most time there. It also leaves more time for you to do what you want to do. Remind you of something? That's because when you're on vacation here at M, chances are you spend your days relaxing with cleaning being the last thing on your mind. If budget is no object, just spring for a housekeeper, then you'll really be living the M-lifestyle at home.

Do you have any other suggestions to making your room more M-like? Let us know by leaving a comment below!