Inside the Best Buffet in Vegas

Studio B AerialNothing says Vegas vacation like dining at the buffet. It's a must do on any tourist's trip and our very own (award-winning) Studio B Buffet is a must try for tourists, foodies and locals alike. Our buffet is generously equipped to satisfy all your food cravings. It's a food lover's paradise with all you can eat crab legs, shrimp, beef, sushi, Italian, Asian and more (trust us, we can keep going). To top it all off (or wash it all down) we offer all our buffet guests unlimited beer, wine, hard cider and espressos (Baileys and Sambuca optional).

But, if you're reading this, chances are you've already been lucky enough to dine at Studio B. We've heard a few of you like our buffet. Ok, so we've heard a lot of you like our buffet. We think the multiple awards might have tipped us off. Maybe it's the selection of over 200 dishes you have to choose from, the gourmet desserts from our world-famous Parisian pastry chef Jean Claude Canestrier, the modern ambience which includes a 116-screen video wall or like we already mentioned, the unlimited beer and wine.

No matter what your food (or drink) vice may be there's a lot of work that goes in to preparing masses of (high-quality) food for our buffet diners. How many M Team Members does it take to keep buffet-goers with full plates? What are our most popular dishes? How many people do we feed on a daily basis? Find out the answer to these and many other buffet questions as our Vice President of Food & Beverage fills you in on the inside scoop at Studio B Buffet.