INOA Hair Color at Spa Mio

InoaWe're all about scent here at M, but we definitely prefer pleasant ones like the scents used throughout our resort. We know not everything can smell as great as we do, which is why we're excited to introduce a new product offered at our four-star awarded Spa Mio. The next time you're getting a hair dye job, be sure to ask for L'Or?al's INOA hair coloring. We promise that you (and your nose) will thank us later.

L'Or?al's new INOA hair color product line has no ammonia (the smelly stuff). Say good-bye to that burning sensation if you have a sensitive scalp because INOA has gotten rid of that too. It might seem a bit too good to be true but the INOA hair color offers the same thorough gray coverage and all around color as its ammonia-laden competitors. While you may think hair damage and hair color go hand-in-hand, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out that INOA not only doesn't damage the hair but it will leave your hair just as smooth as before it was even being colored.

So how does this product pack such a punch without the chemicals? The secret is in the oil-based formula. INOA is applied to dry hair and its color dye molecules are attracted to the water already present inside your hair strands. The oil based color molecules force themselves inside the hair. In traditional hair color, ammonia is used to open up the hair fibers so dye can penetrate. Sound a little complicated? We thought so. We had the professionals with INOA stop by Spa Mio and give us and our spa Team Members the lowdown on the product and using it.