Healthy Travels

Business TravelerTravel allows you to see and experience things that aren't part of your day-to-day life like taking in everything M has to offer for instance! While you may be in a different environment than what you're used (maybe even climate, we are in a desert!) it's important to stay healthy during your leisure or business travel! Trust us, you want to be in tip-top shape while in Vegas, have you seen all there is to do at our resort?Running

The key in sticking with anything is motivation and what's better motivation than a workout buddy? Grab your travel companion or maybe a local colleague and get to it. Schedule a morning run, to start your day off in the right way. Not only will it wake you up better than a large cup of coffee but it will get your heart pumping and blood flowing!

DancingDance the night away! Our Saturday night concert series, M Pool Live is the perfect spot to get your groove on. Dancing burns more calories that you think and the best part is, it's fun. You don't even notice that you're working out! Our wine bar, Hostile Grape has a DJ on Saturday and Sunday night so get up on your feet and work off that last glass of wine you had…hopefully it was red which is better for your heart.Swimming

Dive in! Most hotels you'll stay at have pools ready for their guests' use. We have a 100,000 square foot pool deck (not to brag or anything) ready for you to get your swim on. Aside from staying active, your best bet in keeping healthy when traveling is portion control. Sure we have a buffet with over 200 items to choose from so take samples of everything instead of platefuls.

Need more ideas in keeping healthy, check out our blog post on getting fit around our property!