Win your Lynyrd Skynyrd Tickets!

LSBWere going out with a bang this summer! And to help us do so we're having rock legends, Lynyrd Skynyrd perform on our pool deck here at the M on Friday, September 16! The concert's a little more than a month away but we're already getting excited for their appearance. We figured since we're so excited you might be too, which is why we’re giving our readers a chance to win tickets to see them perform! We're even having a full fireworks show (to really give us our bang) after the concert. So trust us, you're not going to want to miss out on this!

To win one of the three pairs we have to give away, leave a comment on this blog post telling us your favorite song by Lynyrd Skynyrd and why you want to see them perform at M.

Be sure to be creative because the three best answers (as chosen by our Social Media Team) will each win a pair of tickets to the show! You have until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, August 17 to leave your comment. The winners will be chosen and notified via email on Thursday, August 18.

And, of course you can always buy your tickets directly from Ticketmaster. We hope to see you all at the show!

Management reserves all rights to cancel or alter the promotion at any time.

18 Responses to Win your Lynyrd Skynyrd Tickets!

  1. Marcie W says:

    My favorite is Simple Man because it describes exactly what I’d like my only son to know :) I’d love to see Lynyrd Skynyrd perform at the M because my husband and I both grew up hearing our parents listen to them, and we would love to experience those memories together in a whole new way!

  2. Alexander says:

    My favorite song is Free Bird! Love the guitar in that song so much even though I’m a drummer myself. I’m kind of a young fan (23), and haven’t gotten the chance to see them live and would love to see them at the M next month!

  3. meelees says:

    “What’s your name” I have been a fan since I was a child but after seeing Johnny Van Zant in Nashville at the Wildhorse I knew I had to see the group live, someday. It would be perfect to see them at your venue. I can see it now, awesome music with a nice cool desert breeze!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  4. meelees says:

    It was so hard to pick one!

  5. sizzlyshell says:

    Favorite song: Sweet Home Alabama

    Would love to see them perform because just love to hear their guitar mix live..

  6. Bruce says:

    Face the fear. In high school, I was in an accident while singing ALABAMA by Lynard Skynyrd. Hard to listen to the song to this day without remembering that accident. Would love to see the best Southerrn Rock band ,Lyndard Skynyrd, to face the phobia and where better to see them than at M Resort. Please help me cure my fear.

  7. nannisixx says:

    Sweet Home Alabama………I’m from London,UK and my husband is from Alabama..6 months after we met,we had to be seperated for 5 months because my Visa for the States ran out.I used to play Sweet Home Alabama every day back in England to remind me of him.It got me through some tough times.We’re now married and living in Vegas!…It would be great if we could both get to see this song sang live,just to remind us of what we went through to be together.Thank you.

  8. shotlady says:

    I love Sweet Home Alabama. I liked how it was in response to Neil Young’s Southern Man. I don’t think that Ronnie Van Sant was really angry at Neil, I just think he wanted to express the Southern point of view. I have been a fan for 35 plus years now and I am so pleased that they continue on after tragic set backs that many people would have trouble recovering from. It would be an honor to see them at the M!

  9. Denise says:

    I Need You….. is one of many of their songs I can relate too. I grew up listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd, since I was in High School in the 70′s. I was fortunate enough to see them twice before the tragedy. I also saw them a few years ago at the Antelope Valley Fair. They still rock as well as they did in the 70′s. Being from the south, I can understand where they were coming from with their awesome lyrics and superior guitar licks. I need you relates to being on the road touring and missing the one you love. I can also relate to this being a musician myself. I would love the opportunity to see them again and reminisce about the good old days of high school and listening to some good old Skynyrd….. I would love to hang at the M resort (one of my favorite places to stay while in Vegas).. love the pool and wine tasting at the Hostile Grape, the 24/7 happy hour rocks! I can?t wait to drink some whiskey and party with the greatest southern rock band of all times…..


  10. desertflame says:

    I am in ?Double Trouble?, my husband said we have too many ?Things Going on? and that ?Mr. Banker? called and we have spent too much money going out. I asked him if that means we cannot buy Skynyrd tickets and he replied ?You Got that Right?. I would love to go but right now ?All I Can Do Is Write About It?. My husband is a ?Simple Man? and his idea of a ?Saturday Night Special? is to stay at our ?Sweet Home Alabama?. I am more of a ?Freebird? and I ?Need All My Friends?. So if I won your contest, I would be ?Made in the Shade? and we could go to the concert without my hubby turning all shades of ?Red, White and Blue?. If I win, just ?Give Me Three Steps? and I?ll be at the M Resort!!

  11. ncagabriel says:

    My Favorite is the Sweet Home Alabama, I love the musical talent of the group, They also have that thrilling beat and upbeat jive and the whole place get moving. I also think they touch music and change the face of it and make you swing and shout. I hope to win tickets for them at the M resort, Because they are a favorite musical group and because they means so much to me. I think that a viewing would be the ultimate gift of the year. Thanks and you all rock.

  12. KKline2006 says:

    Gimme back my bullets. Just a good rockin tune! I grew up on Skynyrd it was one of my dads favorites. He always said he would take me to see them when I was old enough to go, unfortunately he passed away in the process of saving another mans life when I was 12 and we never got to go. I still haven’t seen them but would love to even though my dad wont be there, he would be there in my heart, and we could enjoy some good ol’ southern rock together again.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Free Bird, because it is who I am at heart. Thanks for this oppotunity M!!!! Hope I win!!!

  14. lasvegashomesearch says:

    Sweet Home Alabama is classic. We need some Southern soul here in the hot Las Vegas desert It is our wedding anniversary on Sept.16th. That would be a fantastic gift for my husband since he a a BIG fan from New York City

  15. lettinger8 says:

    YOU really JUST do put out great contests. the awesomeness is not LOST on me. my high school football coach would always play THE last rebel before each GAME to get us pumped up. So it stuck with me all these years. Thanks

  16. dshapiro says:

    My fav Lynyrd Skynrd song is Simple Man. This song is perfect with it’s true lyrics and amazing guitar riffs! Always a great song to blast loud and jam out!

  17. yvettesg says:

    I am in Henderson until Oct..I just find it amazing that Lynyrd Skynyrd is Performing “right down the street”..Of all places The M is my Favorite..I frequent there often..since I have been here 4 times ..I have yet to see a show/concert..but I always eat at the Buffet and The Vig Deli..I’m on the mailing list..I patiently wait in line for all my gifts..t-shirts, pagamas, wine, hats etc…imagine being able to go back to “JERSEY” and while weraing my favorite “M” shirt..I can actually say that I won tickets to Lynyrd Skynyrd..It would be an honor of all places to attend one of the Greatest Classic Rock Bands of all time at the “M Resort”…Please consider my entry..looking forward to attending the pool a few more times also..Thank you!!..your friend forever Yvette Greenwood..#1 Keno fan also…

  18. jenn says:

    Free bird,my dad got me started listening to lynyrd skynyrd when i was young im 38 now. Are favorite was free bird.listening to there music is a happy place with fantastic memories,my father has passed away,he is now a free bird!!!

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