Housekeeping like an Olympian


Looking for an award winning room cleaning? Look no further than the skilled housekeeping staff here at M and all over the Las Vegas Valley. Last week, resorts up and down Las Vegas Boulevard gathered to take place in the 2011 Housekeeping Olympics. Housekeepers put their talents to the test in four events; a bed making competition, mop race, vacuum relay and a buffer pad toss. If you think cleaning your own house is hard enough try doing it while racing against skilled cleaning professionals!


The annual event kicked off with the bed making competition. Our star bed-maker Ana participated. Her bed making was judged not only on speed but also accuracy. You can see Ana demonstrate how she makes our signature beds at M in this video we posted recently on our blog.

Mop RelayNext up was a test of agility in the mop relay, one of the most difficult challenges of the Housekeeping Olympics. Our Team Member Norma did her best to dodge the obstacles of seven wet floor signs while maneuvering her mop around them at the same time.

Our M Olympic Team shined in the vacuum relay, scoring a second place spot! Edith showed off her fierce vacuum skills while clearing confetti from the carpet and bringing home a silver medal for the M team!

Vacuum Vacuum Medal

The most entertaining event was the buffer pad toss. Erica and Myra teamed up to complete this challenge. One person was blindfolded and had to toss the buffer's onto a toilet plunger which their partner was holding. This one probably isn't used in day-to-day housekeeping techniques but it's still a special skill.

Pad Toss Pad Toss 2

Team Members from all different departments at M came out to support and cheer on our housekeeping staff as they showed off at the Housekeeping Olympics.

M Team 2 M Team