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Poolside Lunch: Swimsuit Friendly Eats


It's safe to say that by now you know the ins and outs of having a great time at our pool. SPF, tropical drinks, a cabana, you know the drill. We've even given you tips to making your M poolside experience as hot (or cool) as possible. In fact, through the end of September, our pool is offering $50 daybeds, $75 cabanas and $100 VIP cabanas (a complete steal if you ask us!) Email to reserve yours before they're booked up for the month.

So, after you're all set up in your cabana, cocktail in hand you might be getting a little hungry (blame it on the alcohol.) You're ready to chow down but still want to keep your figure looking good so what's a bikini-clad pool patron to do? Lucky for you our Pool Team has taken special consideration in developing figure-friendly menu options.

Below you can find some of our favorites that are perfect to munch on by the pool, all options are Avocadoswimsuit-friendly!

Classic Cobb - Our classic Cobb salad has one very important slimming ingredient, avocados! Avocados are a monounsaturated fat. These types of good fats (saturated fats = bad fats) stop spikes in blood sugar (which signals the body to store fat around your midsection), helping prevent fat accumulation.


Fruit Plate - Our selection of seasonal berries and other sliced fruit is probably the go-to menu item for those looking to stay fit. Berries are strong in antioxidants. Antioxidants help improve blood flow, which helps deliver more oxygen to your muscles. The more oxygen your muscles have the easier being active and working out feels.

Chicken Wrap

Chicken Caesar Wrap - While this may sound like your ordinary salad wrap, the best ingredient is in the packaging. Our Chicken Caesar Wrap comes bundled up in a spinach tortilla. Spinach is low in calories but still very high in vitamins. Popeye didn't down all those cans of spinach for nothing!

Housekeeping like an Olympian


Looking for an award winning room cleaning? Look no further than the skilled housekeeping staff here at M and all over the Las Vegas Valley. Last week, resorts up and down Las Vegas Boulevard gathered to take place in the 2011 Housekeeping Olympics. Housekeepers put their talents to the test in four events; a bed making competition, mop race, vacuum relay and a buffer pad toss. If you think cleaning your own house is hard enough try doing it while racing against skilled cleaning professionals!


The annual event kicked off with the bed making competition. Our star bed-maker Ana participated. Her bed making was judged not only on speed but also accuracy. You can see Ana demonstrate how she makes our signature beds at M in this video we posted recently on our blog.

Mop RelayNext up was a test of agility in the mop relay, one of the most difficult challenges of the Housekeeping Olympics. Our Team Member Norma did her best to dodge the obstacles of seven wet floor signs while maneuvering her mop around them at the same time.

Our M Olympic Team shined in the vacuum relay, scoring a second place spot! Edith showed off her fierce vacuum skills while clearing confetti from the carpet and bringing home a silver medal for the M team!

Vacuum Vacuum Medal

The most entertaining event was the buffer pad toss. Erica and Myra teamed up to complete this challenge. One person was blindfolded and had to toss the buffer's onto a toilet plunger which their partner was holding. This one probably isn't used in day-to-day housekeeping techniques but it's still a special skill.

Pad Toss Pad Toss 2

Team Members from all different departments at M came out to support and cheer on our housekeeping staff as they showed off at the Housekeeping Olympics.

M Team 2 M Team

Spa Mio Products That Can Take the Heat

There's always a product or two (or three or four) behind every face of radiant skin. During the hotter months of the year it's especially important that any product you use can hold up in the heat or prep your skin for the sun (don't forget your SPF!) We've got a roundup up of the best products to get you through the remainder of summer here in Vegas or wherever you may be! Spa Mio's Spa and Salon Manager, Kate Wind brings you the cr?me de la cr?me of our spa's retail offerings.

The One-Armed Bandit

Vintage Slot MachineDo you prefer a roll of the dice or maybe a pull of a lever when it comes to your gambling vices? Chances are it's the latter. According to the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, 71% of tourists who gamble play some type of slot, while the remaining 29% prefer the tables. Slot machines account for 65% of the gambling winnings at Nevada casinos so it's no secret to why they dominate the casino floor of any resort, including ours.

Feeling nostalgic for the days when slot machines spit out actual coins? Our Director of Slots, Mark Seligman has seen it all and then some. We sat down with him to talk about how the slot world is changing and what's up and coming on our very own casino floor.

Where do you see the future of slots?

With a different generation comes a different player. Today's new gamer never learned video poker, so they tend to play more video slots. The average video poker player is about 40-60 years old. The penny slots trend has continued to grow in the slot world for the last ten years now. At the end of the year 2009 there were 37,943 penny slots alone in Nevada casinos, attracting $17.8 billion in wagers. In our own casino here at M, we have 1,180 penny slots.

Do you think players miss the one-armed bandits?

There's a very small segment of our older customers that prefer traditional reel slots versus video slots, which is why we keep a section of them on our floor. Even with today's technology, some of the most advanced slot machines still have an arm on their side. Some people still prefer the pull of a handle to the push of a button.

How do you stay on top of and ahead of the curve with it comes to slot trends?

At times it's as basic as a guessing game. You have to look at new themes and know what will work in your casino. You take into account the type of players you get and what they currently like playing. Slot companies will do studies on test bank slots, but at the end of the day it's what the guests like. It's always best to buy a few of a certain theme and buy more if it gains popularity.

What makes a good slot machine?

All that matters is how many of our guests like the machine. What might be a good slot at another casino might not be the right fit for ours. We want to have what our players are interested in playing.

How do you pick slots for us at M?

Trends come and go, which is why slot floors are constantly changing at every casino. When it comes to picking brand new slots in the industry, most of the time it comes down to gut instincts. It's not always scientific; it's about what's popular.

What's new with the slots at M?

In 2011 we added 300 new video slots most of which were new penny slot themes. By doing this it helps us keep our casino floor fresh with new and cutting-edge games. It's all about staying ahead of the curve.

Why do you think people are divided - either slot player or table games players?

A player's gambling preference in this aspect is based on comfort. Table games players tend to feel more in control of their money and slots/video poker players come for the entertainment and value not necessarily for the thrill. But, in the end they're both gamblers.

If you're wondering how Mark got such a cool job (picking slots for a casino and all) he actually started off studying airplanes and aviation. What slot does Mark fancy most? He says he's more of a video poker player.

With over 1,900 slot machines on our floor you'll find a wide variety of video poker, video reels, video keno and reel spinners all for your playing enjoyment. What's your favorite slot machine?

It's All in the Bed at M

What do you value most at a resort when traveling? A recent study showed that a great bed is the most important amenity for a traveler during their stay. Here at M, we take extra care in making sure each and every bed is not only great for your stay with us (pillow top mattresses anyone?) but we also make sure they look great before you sleep in them. On average, our housekeepers make over 5,500 beds each a year so they have lots of practice in honing their bed making skills.

In this video, our housekeeper Ana shows off her professional bed making and the secret to "hospital corners," our signature M fold at the top of the bed and how we get our pillow cases looking so pristine. Ana and our other housekeeping Team Members are the reason all of our beds look as crisp and as perfect as they do! Feel free to practice on your own bed to bring a little M home with you.

Win your Lynyrd Skynyrd Tickets!

LSBWere going out with a bang this summer! And to help us do so we're having rock legends, Lynyrd Skynyrd perform on our pool deck here at the M on Friday, September 16! The concert's a little more than a month away but we're already getting excited for their appearance. We figured since we're so excited you might be too, which is why we’re giving our readers a chance to win tickets to see them perform! We're even having a full fireworks show (to really give us our bang) after the concert. So trust us, you're not going to want to miss out on this!

To win one of the three pairs we have to give away, leave a comment on this blog post telling us your favorite song by Lynyrd Skynyrd and why you want to see them perform at M.

Be sure to be creative because the three best answers (as chosen by our Social Media Team) will each win a pair of tickets to the show! You have until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, August 17 to leave your comment. The winners will be chosen and notified via email on Thursday, August 18.

And, of course you can always buy your tickets directly from Ticketmaster. We hope to see you all at the show!

Management reserves all rights to cancel or alter the promotion at any time.

M Goes 80's

80's Pool PartyHopefully this summer you've had a chance to hang at our pool during the day or maybe even at night. This Saturday is your chance to get in on 14 hours (yes, over half a day!) of poolside fun here at M! All day and all night we're partying 80's style for our second annual Totally Awesome 80's Pool Party! We've got entertainment, prizes and drink specials ready for you and the best part is you're invited to come hang with us for free! It's a totally gnarly deal!

There's no better way to start an 80's party off than with some killer jams. Our very own DJ Darker Daze will be spinning the retro hits out at our main pool and DJ Frank Rempe will be playing his twist on 80's tunes at DayDream Pool Club. That's right; our whole pool deck is getting an 80's takeover (for this Saturday only)!

So, while you're hanging at our pool and rocking out to the 80's hits you're probably going to want a drink to sip on. Are we right? We've already got you covered dude! Our pool bars will be offering shots of M-80 for only $1, $20 buckets of beer and $10 40 oz. Love Potion cocktails (with $8 refills). All great choices to help you get your 80's party on!

Now for the prizes; you're going to want to come in your best 80's gear for your chance to win a complimentary cabana and bottle of SKYY Vodka! The person in the best 80's attire will win this rad prize. We're also holding a drawing for a two-night getaway here at M! Since we love all the readers of our blog, we wanted to give you an exclusive chance to get-in on the getaway! During our big 80's bash, mention the word "Loveshack" at our pool hut to receive a free raffle ticket! The winner will be selected at 6pm, so be sure to stick around (must be present to win).Loveshack

To think we've only just mentioned what's going on during the day so far! At night we'll have 80's band Loveshack perform. They'll be taking the stage by our pool at 8pm but, you'll want to get there early! From 7-8pm you can get a free Miller Lite beer at our pool bar! After 8pm all Miller beers are 2-for-1! Loveshack will keep our pool party going all night long and we mean pool party, dive in to our pool until 11pm!

After a great party, you'll need to recover! Our spa is getting in on the 80's fun, offering a 50-minute massage for only $80! (regularly $125). Be sure to stop in to Spa Mio when you're here for the party to pick up your voucher. We hope to see you all at our 80's Party this Saturday!

Zowie Bowie is Rockin' the Stage at M

Zowie BowieWe've been heating up our pool deck all summer long with our Saturday night concert and nighttime pool party, M Pool Live! If you haven't taken part in our weekend party, this Saturday is your chance! Back by popular demand we have duo Zowie Bowie! But don't worry if you can't catch the sizzling singing sensations this weekend, they'll be back on August 20 and 27! We caught up with Chris Phillips (one half of Zowie Bowie) to get the scoop on what he and Marley Taylor are bringing to M this month!

What excites you most about performing at the M?

To us, the M Resort is one of the finest properties ever built in Las Vegas! Marley and I love that the property appeals to those visiting from out of town, but at the same times it's a favorite among locals, which is something that is very important to us. We love to think that our show is intended for all the people of Las Vegas and that we finally get the opportunity to do something for residents near M who don’t normally get to see us where we perform regularly.

What can people expect to see when they come to hear you at M Pool Live?

They can expect to see what I believe has become our trademark as to who we are and, that is a group of people on stage having the time of our life who want nothing more than to make every single person who comes to see us feel great! It's not so much about the songs we play or the talent any of us may have, it’s about giving off a ton of exciting positive energy that hopefully makes everybody feel included and part of something really fun!

What's the best part of performing at an outdoor venue?

We don’t usually have the opportunity to do many shows outside in the beautiful desert night so this is a really exciting opportunity for us! Being out in the fresh air, under the stars, partying with our friends that live here or visiting from is awesome! It reminds us of being back home in Scottsdale, Arizona which is where we started out performing. Rarely have we performed outside since moving here to Las Vegas 5 years ago.

How will your performance be unique compared to your previous ones?

Well for one, those who come to see us regularly will get to hear several songs that we typically don’t perform. We'll be doing three sets of music instead of our usual two sets that people have come to expect seeing us elsewhere so we have the chance to include some new songs. Also, I think being outside on one of the coolest and biggest stages in town in such an amazing setting as the M Resort pool deck adds an extra degree of energy and excitement to the evening!

How long has the duo been together?

Marley and I have been together and performing now for over ten years. Most of our band has been with us almost from the beginning as well.

What's your favorite song to perform?

I think Marley and I would both agree that we prefer doing songs where we get to interact with each other and really incorporate the crowd into the moment. Over the past couple of weeks I personally have been diggin' a song we do called “Backseat” by New Boyz.

Any pre-performance rituals?

Yes, every show without exception I show up right before we go on, slam a Crown on the Rocks and walk on stage ready to party for the next two or three hours with all our friends and fans! That’s essentially the extent of my pre-performance ritual.

What do you love about Las Vegas?

The thing I love the most about Las Vegas, hands down are the people that live here. It's a place where people from all over the world can come and be anybody they want to be. There's nothing more satisfying than watching people in front of us let go and truly become themselves as the night unfolds. I love living in Las Vegas for so many reasons, there is an energy here you can’t find anywhere else, it's very addictive to the point that whenever I leave town I can’t wait to get back!

What's on your iPod right now?

Music is such a huge part of my life so a short answer to that huge question would be: Jamiroquai, Sinatra, Deadmau5, old Motley Crue and some slammin 'Maynard Ferguson, just to name a few things.

Join the Club

iMagine Rewards Cards

We love all of our guests at M, but those who are card-carrying members of the iMagine Rewards Club hold a special place in our heart (and casino). Whether you're a table games player or you prefer slots, we have the games to keep you occupied and the rewards to keep you coming back! We like to reward you when you play with us, which is why joining our club is the key to getting special offers, comps, gifts and other great things at M! Best part of all, entry to this club is entirely free! In fact, we give you free slot play or a custom designed t-shirt just for joining our club!

Gone are the days where casinos track a gambler's play by hand so, the best way to get credit for playing in our house would be getting an iMagine card. By doing so, our Casino Hosts are able to see how much you play with us (down to the penny!) and give you things on the house for your continued loyalty. iMagine Rewards Club Points can be redeemed for cash back, free slot play, meals, drinks, retail purchases, spa and salon services, hotel stays, car washes and even gas purchases!

Our Rewards Club is made up of three different tiers, determined upon your level of play.


Gold Card - This is our introductory card, when you first sign-up you become a gold member! Benefits for the Gold Card include:

  • 15% off Retail Buffet price with Points
  • $1 Off M Resort Car Wash


Platinum Card - To move up to a Platinum Card you must earn 100,000 base points in a 90 day period or place an average $100 bet X 20 hours per month for 3 months. Benefits for the Platinum Card include:

  • VIP Parking Access
  • Players Lounge Access
  • VIP Resort Check In
  • 25% Off Retail Buffet Price with Points
  • VIP Line Passes for Studio B Show Kitchen Buffet
  • Priority Fine Dining Restaurant Reservations
  • Exclusive Invitations to Special Events
  • $2 Off M Resort Car Wash


The M Card - Getting to the highest level of our Rewards Club requires earning 300,000 base points in a 90 day period or placing an average $350 bet X 20 hours per month for 3 months. If you're lucky enough to have one of these in your wallets, you're a true high roller! Benefits for The M Card include:

  • VIP Parking Access
  • Valet Anytime and Priority Vehicle Return
  • Players Lounge Access
  • VIP Resort Check In
  • 50% Off Retail Buffet Price with Points
  • VIP Line Passes for Studio B Show Kitchen Buffet
  • Priority Fine Dining Restaurant Reservations
  • Exclusive Invitations to Special Events
  • Access to Host Services
  • $3 Off M Resort Car Wash

As we mentioned recently joining our club is an insiders' tip for any traveler. For simply signing up, you can get perks like free slot play! We have one of the most competitive clubs in town; 999 points are equal to $3! When playing at M, members earn one point for every $1 of play on all slot and most video poker machines.

So what are you waiting for? If you don't already have an iMagine Rewards Card, sign-up for yours on your next visit to M!