What's that smell?


Ever wonder what you're sniffing when you walk around our resort? What exactly makes M smell the way it does and what fragrances are wafting through your nostrils? Well, we did, and judging from all the inquiries we receive daily, we know you do too! So we put our scent senses to work and got down to the bottom of what makes M smell the way it does.

After much investigating (and smelling) we learned our property uses four different custom fragrances to satisfy guests' senses. To match the unique style of our resort a team of specialists hand-picked the different elements that comprise our scents. They customized every last detail even down to their M-themed names.

"Mio" – A spicy white floral bouquet that consists of notes of ylang ylang, ginger and a woody base. This fragrance is used around our spa area.

"M" - A green floral fragrance with notes of Fig and a hint of coconut flesh with a woody body. This fragrance is used on the casino floor area.

"Patisserie" – This is an herbed Focaccia fragrance infused with rosemary and other aromatic herbs. This fragrance is used inside Marinelli's.

"Atrio" - This is a green floral fragrance built on a heart of rose and green leaves. This fragrance is being used in our lobby area.

Now that you know what we smell like the next question becomes - why do we use a scent - or in our case - why do we use four scents? Resorts up and down the Strip use scent to enforce brand loyalty. The right fragrance wafting through a lobby does more than make a guest's stay more memorable, it adds an entirely new sensory dimension to their experience. Our scents give guests a stronger reason to remember M and return for years to come.

When it comes to casinos, keeping guests energized and enthusiastic is very important. The scent on our casino floor completes the overall gaming experience with a dimension that invigorates players and makes the gaming experience one to remember.

Now that you know what our signature scents are, you might be curious as to how we get the smell from bottle to your nose. Scent is delivered using multiple ScentStream? Delivery Systems. These systems utilize the existing duct work to deliver fragrance throughout our resort. So, the next time you step into our resort we encourage you to take a whiff!