The Great Dessert Search

We love our desserts (and we hope you do too). You might have noticed that we have a pretty big sweet tooth here at M. Our selection is hard to beat thanks to our world-famous pastry chef, Jean Claude Canestrier. From cupcakes to cannolis and any other sugary confection in between, we encourage you to splurge at the end of every meal with one of our treats. We searched M from rooftop (Veloce Cibo) to casino level to bring you all the must-try sweets in our building.

Cheesecake Coffee & Donuts

Our resort likes its Italian flare, whether it's the design of the property or the food we serve. You can get your dolce (Italian for dessert) fix from our very own Italian restaurant Marinelli's. They serve up classics from "the old country" like Tiramisu, Cannolis, Bombolinis, Panna Cotta and more. At our steakhouse Anthony's, you can find some of the newest dessert options at M. Try their signature Peanut Butter Pie, Chocolate Souffl? or maybe their spin on Coffee & Donuts will be the perfect ending to your meal.

Peanut Butter Pie Snickers Chocolate Bread Pudding

For desserts with a twist, try Hash House A Go Go's Chocolate Snickers Bread Pudding. This take on a modern candy bar is homemade bread pudding baked with chunks of Snickers candy bars and Hershey’s chocolate syrup and topped with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, homemade caramel sauce and chocolate syrup.

Creme Brulee Studio B Desserts

If you find it hard to choose just one dessert (and we always do) Veloce offers a dessert tasting. You can select from one, two or even three delectable desserts to try at once! The restaurant offers choices like a Mini Strawberry Martini (not the kind you drink), Bananas Foster and Chocolate Torte.

At Studio B Buffet, not only can you sample cuisine from around the world, you can get a sampling of desserts from around our property! Try miniature samplings of cr?me br?l?e, cookies, cupcakes, meringue, gelato, macaroons and much more. And remember, they're all you can eat!

Gelato Cupcakes

Sometimes you like something so much you want to take it home with you. At Baby Cakes, M's very own European-inspired patisserie you can find a whole case of sugary sweetness to please any craving. They also offer a full gelato station with 19 flavors by the scoop (they can even be bought by the pint).

With all this sweet talk we're getting hungry! So tell us, what's your favorite dessert at M?