Make a Splash in our Lobby

Lobby Water Wall

It's easy to get thirsty in the Las Vegas climate, especially during the summer months. Our temperatures soar into the 100s and there's no better way to keep cool then surrounding yourself with water at all times. If you're not sipping on it or lounging around it on our pool deck, head to our lobby to satisfy your H2O-needs in the desert.

Logo Water Wall

When conventions are at M they can display their logo on our water features.

If you take a look around our lobby, you'll notice that you're surrounded by custom water walls. They'll have you feeling like you're whisked off to a tropical oasis. It's all part of our design scheme of bringing the outside-inside our property. Our water features were created by Marnell Companies, the architecture and design firm responsible for the construction and interior design of the entire resort.

The construction of each of the walls consisted of a stainless steel top trough to collect the water, stainless steel angled wall for the water to flow down and a stainless steel bottom pool to collect the water. Since we're environmentally-conscious at our resort, the water collected at the bottom or our water features is then recycled by being re-circulated down the wall again.

And after seeing our water features, all you'll want to do is stare. Not only are they pretty but according to Feng Shui beliefs, water is an important element in attracting prosperity and abundance. Sounds like after spending a little time in our lobby, you'll be ready to hit the casino floor.