Getting to Know M's 16TH Floor Chef: Nathan Frost

Chef Nathan FrostWe've got nothing against our other restaurants but there's just something about dining at the top of our resort that holds a special place in our heart. Our very own rooftop restaurant (there are only a few others in the city), Veloce Cibo is the perfect destination for casual drinks or a romantic meal both offering a great view. It is also home to Executive Room Chef Nathan Frost who has been turning out tapas and seafood specialties in Veloce for over a year now. We caught up with him to get the dish on him and his amazing food.

Where have you previously worked?

I've worked all over the West Coast. Starting out in Beverly Hills at La Cachette Bistro, a contemporary French bistro, then working in Los Angeles at the Asian fusion restaurant Yi Cuisine. I made the move to Vegas several years ago and started working at Tableau at Wynn. I've since worked up and down Las Vegas Boulevard at restaurants such as FIX, Stack, Stripsteak and finally here at Veloce.

Have you always had an interest in cooking?

Absolutely! My parents always say I asked for my first baking set at age three.

What’s your favorite kitchen gadget?

I don't use a lot of kitchen gadgets, just my chef's knife and my Vita Mix Mixer.

What's your favorite dish to make and favorite ingredients to work with?

Hands down, seafood; I love working with anything from the water. My favorite dishes are the ones I'm able to come up with that day and feature as a special in the restaurant. I love being able to bring fresh ingredients to all the tables.

How do you come up with your dishes on the spot?

Based on past tastings and knowing what ingredients work well with each other, I'm able to pull together a dish with flavors that complement each other. By creating dishes with a limited amount of time it challenges me to really use my creativity.

What notable people have you cooked for?

Michael Mina, Mark LoRusso, Richard Sandoval and Jean Francois Meteigner.

Culinary trends that you like/dislike?

I like the sharing and communal dining trend; it's a big focus on our menu at Veloce. Also, farmer's markets which, allow the freshest ingredients for farm-to-table cooking. There aren't culinary trends that I dislike. While I personally don't like molecular gastronomy any trend is good for cooking. It's like art, not everyone is going to like it but we can at least appreciate it.

Three things in your fridge right now?

Pomegranates, almond milk and mushrooms.

Are there any foods you hate to admit you like?

Oreos, nachos anything dipped in sauce and fried food. If I could have a big bowl of fried food and sauce to dip it in I couldn't be happier.

What's the best meal you've ever ate?

It was from a restaurant called Kolkovna in the Czech Republic. I ordered a quarter of a roast pig and garlic cheese soup. It was definitely the best and most memorable meal.

Haven't dined at Veloce before? Take advantage of their great Happy Hour deals including a sushi platter for two for only $10 and make sure to say hello to Chef Frost while you're there!