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Preparing for the Frontlines

GerryWe have lots of interesting Team Members that help operations run smoothly here at M. As you know, service is one of our top priorities and we always aim to exceed all of our guests' expectations. We wouldn't be able to provide you with four-star service without big help from people behind the scenes. Some of our most vital team members are ones that don't get any face-time with the customers. Our Director of Training and Development Gerry Newell helps prepare our Team Members for the frontlines and rewards them for the amazing service they provide.

Tell us about what you do at M.

I am the Director of Training and Development here at M Resort. I'm responsible for helping train our 1,200 Team Members and also recognize them for their achievements. Working in the HR (Human Resources) Department I also head the internal communications programs at M, which includes developing our internal newsletter.

What do you love about your job?

I really enjoy the excitement and challenges of working in the gaming industry, seeing our team achieve its goals, and seeing people grow, learn and progress. I get to interact with our Team Members on their very first day during orientation, so seeing them go from that point to excelling at the property is always very rewarding.

How did you get into this line of work?

Both of my parents were educators and taught me the value of continuous learning. I've incorporated that lesson into all aspects of my career. I first began working in the hospitality industry in Hawaii, I then moved on to business consulting in the U.S. and Mexico. I later got into Human Resources, Employee Relations, and Training and Development here in Las Vegas and ended up at M Resort.

Where have you worked previously?

Like many local Las Vegans I've worked at various resorts around town including the Rio All Suites Hotel & Casino, Luxor Hotel and Casino and Wynn Las Vegas. I even worked up in Reno at the Peppermill Resort Casino. One of my most interesting jobs was working for Teleconsulting Services Inc., where I worked with Tony Robbin's consulting team..

What are some of the notable accomplishments you've achieved?

Hands down, the accomplishment I'm most proud of is being a part of the team that has achieved the Forbes Four Star Award Two Years in a row at M Resort! I've also been selected by my fellow Team Members as Team Leader of the Year at M.

If you're interested in being a part of the M team and working with the likes of Gerry, visit our M-ployment page and apply for a job with us!

The Great Dessert Search

We love our desserts (and we hope you do too). You might have noticed that we have a pretty big sweet tooth here at M. Our selection is hard to beat thanks to our world-famous pastry chef, Jean Claude Canestrier. From cupcakes to cannolis and any other sugary confection in between, we encourage you to splurge at the end of every meal with one of our treats. We searched M from rooftop (Veloce Cibo) to casino level to bring you all the must-try sweets in our building.

Cheesecake Coffee & Donuts

Our resort likes its Italian flare, whether it's the design of the property or the food we serve. You can get your dolce (Italian for dessert) fix from our very own Italian restaurant Marinelli's. They serve up classics from "the old country" like Tiramisu, Cannolis, Bombolinis, Panna Cotta and more. At our steakhouse Anthony's, you can find some of the newest dessert options at M. Try their signature Peanut Butter Pie, Chocolate Souffl? or maybe their spin on Coffee & Donuts will be the perfect ending to your meal.

Peanut Butter Pie Snickers Chocolate Bread Pudding

For desserts with a twist, try Hash House A Go Go's Chocolate Snickers Bread Pudding. This take on a modern candy bar is homemade bread pudding baked with chunks of Snickers candy bars and Hershey’s chocolate syrup and topped with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, homemade caramel sauce and chocolate syrup.

Creme Brulee Studio B Desserts

If you find it hard to choose just one dessert (and we always do) Veloce offers a dessert tasting. You can select from one, two or even three delectable desserts to try at once! The restaurant offers choices like a Mini Strawberry Martini (not the kind you drink), Bananas Foster and Chocolate Torte.

At Studio B Buffet, not only can you sample cuisine from around the world, you can get a sampling of desserts from around our property! Try miniature samplings of cr?me br?l?e, cookies, cupcakes, meringue, gelato, macaroons and much more. And remember, they're all you can eat!

Gelato Cupcakes

Sometimes you like something so much you want to take it home with you. At Baby Cakes, M's very own European-inspired patisserie you can find a whole case of sugary sweetness to please any craving. They also offer a full gelato station with 19 flavors by the scoop (they can even be bought by the pint).

With all this sweet talk we're getting hungry! So tell us, what's your favorite dessert at M?

Bridal Beauty: How to get that Wedding Day Glow

With wedding season in full-swing, our beauty expert and Spa Mio Manager, Katherine Wind shares her inside knowledge on the best ways to make sure your skin is flawless for your big day.

FacialThe planning and details that go into a wedding are never-ending and planning your pre-wedding skin and beauty treatment is just as important as picking out the cake! Whether you have a few months or a few days before the ceremony, Spa Mio has services to help you get that sought after wedding day glow.

Three months until your wedding

If you have a skin care budget for your wedding, it's a great idea to invest in a series of microdermabrasion facials or glycolic peels. These treatments will improve the texture and tone of your skin. It takes care of pesky problems like blackheads, fine lines, wrinkles and pore size while leaving the skin feeling silky soft and photo ready! The series should start three months before the wedding and appointments should occur every two-three weeks. Booking a series is the best way to see optimal results.

One month until your wedding

MakeupNever leave your hair and makeup as a surprise for your wedding day. Request a trial run of your hair and makeup so you can take the look for a test run. When booking your trial services, request someone who will be working the day of your wedding as well. Besides ensuring you know what the finished product will look like, it will eliminate some stress on the day of your wedding. Remember, less stress means fewer breakouts!

Two weeks until your wedding

Facials within two weeks of your wedding should only be cleansing or hydrating facials. At Spa Mio, we would suggest our Brilliance Facial. The Brilliance Facial is a Vitamin C facial designed to fight free radical damage and stimulate collagen to hydrate and plump the skin.

Two days until your wedding

For that last minute shine, schedule a facial (still only cleansing or hydrating) at least 48 hours prior to your wedding. Pre-wedding facials will even help enhance the way the makeup lays on your skin. Since it is only two days prior to your big day keep in mind that you should request no extractions with your service, it will minimize your chances of breaking out.

No matter what regimen you decide on for your pre-wedding beauty remember to talk to the aestheticians that you will be administering your services. If you communicate your concerns and purpose for the facial, the aestheticians can customize the treatment to fit your needs. Be sure to include important information such as allergies, current medications so the treatments work for you!

Do Summer as a Vegas Local

We're here to bring you the inside scoop on how the natives survive the summer months in Vegas. Our best piece of advice: do summer like the locals do. And, here's how.

Worship the sun.

Chances are you're going to find yoursepoolchairsbloglf at a pool while in Vegas (trust us, you'll want to cool off). Whether you like things on a grand scale, (100,000 square feet grand enough for you?) or something a little more intimate, our very own Villaggio Del Sole and DayDream Pool Club are perfect for any pool patron. At either pool, grab a cabana, maybe a bottle or two (they start at only $65!) and enjoy the day lounging on a cushy chaise lounge chair with drink-in-hand. You can find more of our tips just for the pool, here.

Get happy during Happy Hour.

There's no reason for you not be VeloceDrinkshappy while you're at M since we offer Happy Hour 24/7. We know it seems too good to be true but if you go to any of our inside bars cocktails are just $5 and bottled beers $3. To sweeten the deal, our restaurants offer their own happy hour deals on food. A whole sushi platter for just $10 at our rooftop restaurant Veloce, half priced appetizers from Anthony's Steakhouse, or even a hot dog and beer special from 32 Degree Draft Bar.

Play your cards like a true shark.TableGames1blog

There's nothing wrong with playing the tables in the casino. But, each weekend our pool deck is populated with a great crowd. A crowd that includes a bevy of beautiful poolside black jack dealers ready to deal your next hand. So go out, get some fresh air and place your bets under the sun while taking in the great atmosphere of bikini-clad pool dwellers.

Leave time for relaxation.

Any well-versed Vegas traveler knows to leave roSpaTherapyPoolsblogom for a little R&R. What the locals know is to spend their R&R time at Spa Mio. Take advantage of their world-class massages, facials and other soothing treatments and also the amazing specials they offer (to everyone not just locals).

Join the Club.

Ever wonder how locals get comps imaginerewardsblog(the Vegas term for "free") to our award-winning Studio B Buffet? We'll let you in on a little secret, it's because they're a member of our iMagine Rewards Club! Join our rewards club so you too can earn great comps, prizes and even cash back.

What's that smell?


Ever wonder what you're sniffing when you walk around our resort? What exactly makes M smell the way it does and what fragrances are wafting through your nostrils? Well, we did, and judging from all the inquiries we receive daily, we know you do too! So we put our scent senses to work and got down to the bottom of what makes M smell the way it does.

After much investigating (and smelling) we learned our property uses four different custom fragrances to satisfy guests' senses. To match the unique style of our resort a team of specialists hand-picked the different elements that comprise our scents. They customized every last detail even down to their M-themed names.

"Mio" – A spicy white floral bouquet that consists of notes of ylang ylang, ginger and a woody base. This fragrance is used around our spa area.

"M" - A green floral fragrance with notes of Fig and a hint of coconut flesh with a woody body. This fragrance is used on the casino floor area.

"Patisserie" – This is an herbed Focaccia fragrance infused with rosemary and other aromatic herbs. This fragrance is used inside Marinelli's.

"Atrio" - This is a green floral fragrance built on a heart of rose and green leaves. This fragrance is being used in our lobby area.

Now that you know what we smell like the next question becomes - why do we use a scent - or in our case - why do we use four scents? Resorts up and down the Strip use scent to enforce brand loyalty. The right fragrance wafting through a lobby does more than make a guest's stay more memorable, it adds an entirely new sensory dimension to their experience. Our scents give guests a stronger reason to remember M and return for years to come.

When it comes to casinos, keeping guests energized and enthusiastic is very important. The scent on our casino floor completes the overall gaming experience with a dimension that invigorates players and makes the gaming experience one to remember.

Now that you know what our signature scents are, you might be curious as to how we get the smell from bottle to your nose. Scent is delivered using multiple ScentStream? Delivery Systems. These systems utilize the existing duct work to deliver fragrance throughout our resort. So, the next time you step into our resort we encourage you to take a whiff!

Getting to Know M's 16TH Floor Chef: Nathan Frost

Chef Nathan FrostWe've got nothing against our other restaurants but there's just something about dining at the top of our resort that holds a special place in our heart. Our very own rooftop restaurant (there are only a few others in the city), Veloce Cibo is the perfect destination for casual drinks or a romantic meal both offering a great view. It is also home to Executive Room Chef Nathan Frost who has been turning out tapas and seafood specialties in Veloce for over a year now. We caught up with him to get the dish on him and his amazing food.

Where have you previously worked?

I've worked all over the West Coast. Starting out in Beverly Hills at La Cachette Bistro, a contemporary French bistro, then working in Los Angeles at the Asian fusion restaurant Yi Cuisine. I made the move to Vegas several years ago and started working at Tableau at Wynn. I've since worked up and down Las Vegas Boulevard at restaurants such as FIX, Stack, Stripsteak and finally here at Veloce.

Have you always had an interest in cooking?

Absolutely! My parents always say I asked for my first baking set at age three.

What’s your favorite kitchen gadget?

I don't use a lot of kitchen gadgets, just my chef's knife and my Vita Mix Mixer.

What's your favorite dish to make and favorite ingredients to work with?

Hands down, seafood; I love working with anything from the water. My favorite dishes are the ones I'm able to come up with that day and feature as a special in the restaurant. I love being able to bring fresh ingredients to all the tables.

How do you come up with your dishes on the spot?

Based on past tastings and knowing what ingredients work well with each other, I'm able to pull together a dish with flavors that complement each other. By creating dishes with a limited amount of time it challenges me to really use my creativity.

What notable people have you cooked for?

Michael Mina, Mark LoRusso, Richard Sandoval and Jean Francois Meteigner.

Culinary trends that you like/dislike?

I like the sharing and communal dining trend; it's a big focus on our menu at Veloce. Also, farmer's markets which, allow the freshest ingredients for farm-to-table cooking. There aren't culinary trends that I dislike. While I personally don't like molecular gastronomy any trend is good for cooking. It's like art, not everyone is going to like it but we can at least appreciate it.

Three things in your fridge right now?

Pomegranates, almond milk and mushrooms.

Are there any foods you hate to admit you like?

Oreos, nachos anything dipped in sauce and fried food. If I could have a big bowl of fried food and sauce to dip it in I couldn't be happier.

What's the best meal you've ever ate?

It was from a restaurant called Kolkovna in the Czech Republic. I ordered a quarter of a roast pig and garlic cheese soup. It was definitely the best and most memorable meal.

Haven't dined at Veloce before? Take advantage of their great Happy Hour deals including a sushi platter for two for only $10 and make sure to say hello to Chef Frost while you're there!

Make a Splash in our Lobby

Lobby Water Wall

It's easy to get thirsty in the Las Vegas climate, especially during the summer months. Our temperatures soar into the 100s and there's no better way to keep cool then surrounding yourself with water at all times. If you're not sipping on it or lounging around it on our pool deck, head to our lobby to satisfy your H2O-needs in the desert.

Logo Water Wall

When conventions are at M they can display their logo on our water features.

If you take a look around our lobby, you'll notice that you're surrounded by custom water walls. They'll have you feeling like you're whisked off to a tropical oasis. It's all part of our design scheme of bringing the outside-inside our property. Our water features were created by Marnell Companies, the architecture and design firm responsible for the construction and interior design of the entire resort.

The construction of each of the walls consisted of a stainless steel top trough to collect the water, stainless steel angled wall for the water to flow down and a stainless steel bottom pool to collect the water. Since we're environmentally-conscious at our resort, the water collected at the bottom or our water features is then recycled by being re-circulated down the wall again.

And after seeing our water features, all you'll want to do is stare. Not only are they pretty but according to Feng Shui beliefs, water is an important element in attracting prosperity and abundance. Sounds like after spending a little time in our lobby, you'll be ready to hit the casino floor.

Late Night Dining at M

Hash House SignAfter a long night out on a Friday or Saturday you've probably worked up quite an appetite. Maybe it was all the wine you sampled at Hostile Grape (there's a variety of over 150) or perhaps you partied a little too hard at our nighttime concert and pool party, M Pool Live. So, before heading back up to your luxe M accommodations satisfy your late night cravings and stop in to Hash House A Go Go.

Not only are they open late on Fridays and Saturdays (till 2am) they also offer a Late Night Dining deal that's too good to pass up! If you dine at Hash House between 10pm-2am you receive buy-one-get-one entr?es! Their entr?es are already enormous (just look at the photos) so you might want to bring a few extra friends along to help you chow down.

Chicken and Waffles Blackberry Granola Pancake

Their menu is full of breakfast, lunch and dinner farm food favorites with a twist. They're most famous for their Chicken and Waffles, it's Hash House's take on an Indiana Classic. Sage Fried Chicken and Bacon Waffles Crowned with Fried Leeks and a Maple Reduction. But maybe something a little healthier sounds more appealing. Try Hash House's Blackberry S'mores MocaGranola Pancake. You can wash any of their menu items down with a warm S'mores Moca (like a s'mores but in a cup!)

On July 21, the restaurant will be teaming up with Mix 94.1 for their Tropical Thursday Party. The party will go from 5-9pm and will include a free signature tropical drink and specialty priced menu items. It's the perfect opportunity to get a little taste of Hash House if you haven't tried it already. And don't take our word on it, this year the restaurant won the "Best Breakfast" award from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.