Plunge into Summer Sun Skincare


It's a desert out here in Vegas and the first thing to take a beating is your skin. Even if you're not lounging by our luxurious pool, the dry desert climate in the warmer months can affect your skin. Lucky for you we have someone to help. Melanie, an esthetician at our four-star awarded Spa Mio right here at the M shared with us some great tips and tricks to keep your complexion up-to-par.

Switch it up and moisturize

Switching up your routine is important since some people's skin can get more oily or dry in the warmer months. According to Melanie, regardless of your skin type your moisturizer should be switched to one that is lighter, but still hydrating. And if you don't use moisturizer? Well that's a big no-no (for guys too.) Our spa offers a wide array of products that will do the trick from Comfort Zone to Obagi.

Get yourself some gel

A gel mask is a great way to rehydrate the skin for any skin type. It feels great but also works to naturally stimulate the skin's cell-renewal leaving it appearing instantly smoother, shine-free and more radiant. Melanie, or any of our expert estheticians, would be happy to apply one during a service at Spa Mio.


Always wear sunscreen

We know you've heard this before but, the most important part of skincare is sunscreen. If you want to help fight wrinkles it's always important to incorporate SPF into your daily skincare routine.

For those of you who like do-it-yourself beauty, Melanie says using a face mask from avocados (yum) can rehydrate if you're prone to dry skin. If you have oily skin, pure Aloe can be used to do the same.

Obagi SPF