Odds are You’ll Love our Sports Book


We always like to offer you the best-of-the-best when it comes to our property; (especially gaming, we are a casino after all). You may have heard about our Buffet winning a 'Best in Las Vegas' Award as well as our lovely M Girl Cocktail Servers winning the same. But, today we're talking sports; sports betting to be specific.

Our Race & Sports Book at M is always ahead of the curve (or line for that matter). Our Sports Book was the first in the US to offer ‘in-running’ betting and wagering on live sporting events. So, for you non-regulars in the sports betting world, you're probably wondering what exactly 'in-running' is. Don't worry, we're always here to help and give you the edge (edge is the person who has the advantage in sports betting; learn more sports betting lingo here.)eDeck Vertical

'In-running' wagering let's you make bets during sports game. Our Race & Sports Book Director explains it best.

"'In-running' betting allows players to wager on live sporting events during the actual flow of the game. So once a game kicks off, you will be able to wager on things like who will win the game (with an adjusted money line as the score changes) and the over/under."

Even better, you don't even have to get out of your seat on the casino floor to participate in 'in-running'. Thanks to Cantor Gaming, our Sports Books is equipped with their nifty mobile betting e-Deck devices. The eDeck devices are a one-stop-shop for all your betting needs. Not only can you bet on the big game but you can also play some of your favorite casino games at the same time.

Now if only the eDecks worked in our Buffet… Hey, we can dream can't we?

To top it all off, our Cantor Gaming Sports Book has another cool feature, 'Inside Wagering'. Inside Wagers is a line within a line.

Patrons can place wager offers for the Inside Wager event at a reduced commission.

Inside Wagering

Once the time expires for an active Inside Wager, all the bet offers are fully accepted, partially accepted, or fully rejected by the Cantor Race & Sports Book. This allows our Race & Sports Book to offer greater bet options, better lines, and reduced fees through Inside Wagers.

Does all this sound too good to be true for you sports betting dreams? Try it out yourself or give one of our eDecks a test drive at our Race & Sports Book.