Meet Our Poker Faces


Get ready to practice your best poker face as we bring you the faces of our Poker Room here at M. Melissa is our Poker Hostess with the most-est and you can see her smiling face whenever you check-in or sign-up for any tournaments at our Poker Room. Sam is our dealer extraordinaire. Both poker team members hail from New York and have found their new home at our resort.

Sam - M Poker Dealer


What's your most memorable Poker Room moment?

Just today! I came in to work and the Poker Room was packed. There was a waiting list to get in on the games and you could just feel the excitement from all the players. Things like that are part of what I love about my job!

Food you can't live without?

Chinese food, I have to have rice every day.

Song you play the most on your iPod?

I mostly listen to Chinese music. My favorite song title translates to, "Always Think of You."

Do you play poker?

Yes, occasionally. But, when I'm not playing poker I like to play craps. Those are my two favorite casino games.

How did you become a dealer?

I moved out to Las Vegas from New York where I was a computer programmer to focus on my poker game. Now as a dealer I get to be around poker every day, it's great!

Melissa - Brush Hostess


Where did you work before M?

Prior to joining the M Team I worked for Randy Couture's Xtreme Couture MMA Fight Gym. It's the job that brought me out to Las Vegas. After that I began working for the M at their sports book and shortly moved over to the poker room. It couldn't be a better fit, I love greeting all the different poker players we get here and I love just working at the M in general!

Food you can't live without?

Grilled Chicken! It's the only thing I'll eat at lunch; the chef always makes sure I get some.

Song you play the most on your iPod?

Anything Rascal Flatts.

Do you play poker?

No, but I love being able to see all the action in the poker room.

What's the biggest winning hand you've seen?

Someone won a progressive beat of $10,000 just the other day!

You can see Sam and Melissa in person at our Poker Room, so grab a seat at one of the 14 tables we have and show us your best hand.