Save Some Green While We "Go Green"

M Resort Exterior

Blue on the outside, green on the inside.

Here at M, we strive to provide you with the best amenities available and to do so while striving to help the environment at the same time. As part of our duty to help protect the environment, we implement a number of initiatives to keep our resort environmentally-friendly.

To make "going green" easier for our guests and to help you save some green during your stay at our resort, we offer all our hotel guests the choice to forgo housekeeping service for the day. If guests decline service for the day, we give them a $5 resort coupon good for any M Resort owned bar, restaurant or spa. It's one of those little ways we say thank you for helping us be environmentally-friendly.

There are a few other ways we're environmentally-conscious too:

Guests' rooms are fitted with separate walk-in showers to encourage guests to take showers instead of baths (big water saver) and specialized keycards are used to control the lighting so if you're not in the room the lights automatically turn off. How many times have you forgotten to turn off the lights when leaving a room? That doesn't happen here!

Though our building may be blue on the outside, we're green on the inside. Our property was built from top to bottom with energy efficiency in mind. We use natural lighting whenever possible to brighten things up without wasting electricity; the lighting fixtures that we have are all energy efficient and our property is not flood lit, which reduces light pollution and saves a ton of energy.

Our roofing material's light color was chosen to reduce heat gain and our pool uses heat exchangers for the pool and spa equipment to further reduce energy consumption. The giant marquee that greets you on the way into our resort uses LED lights, which uses 85% less energy than traditional incandescent signage.

If you're dining with us, you'll notice that our restaurants have linen napkins rather than disposable ones cutting down on waste. With the waste that we do have, we recycle. Recycling bins are all over our back-of-house areas encouraging our employees to help our cause.

Security Vehicle

Our Security Team's Ford Escape Hybrid.

You may have heard that we offer shuttle service for all our guests, which helps with air quality throughout the city. Even our security department does its part; our security vehicle was recently replaced with a Ford Escape Hybrid, which gets about 34-miles per gallon.

We try to reduce energy consumption at our resort as part of our duty to protect the environment. We encourage our partners to do the same and motivate our team members to assist wherever possible in implementing ways to keep our resort as environmentally-friendly as possible.