Going Digital

Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill, Digital Media Manager for M Resort

You see them all around our resort, the digital displays showcasing the endless amenities we have to offer you at our resort, digital eye-candy if you will. Ever wonder what goes into making those flashy displays you see around the M and all around town? Let's just say it takes more than a few click of the mouse to get things just right for your viewing pleasure.

Whether it's the 116-screen video wall in Studio B Buffet or the giant marquee sign situated in our front lawn, there's a main man that makes sure it all comes out (visually) perfect and that's our Digital Media Manager Aaron Hill. Did we mention our marquee is one of the highest-resolution signs in town? But hey, we're not one to brag or anything.


M Resort Marquee. Photo by: Steve Marcus, Las Vegas Sun.

How did you get into the unique career of Digital Marketing?

I had previously worked as a print designer for 10 years and in my spare time I always enjoyed dabbling in Digital Media or any type of marketing design that had a technical aspect to it. I was given the great opportunity by M Resort to receive formal training in Digital Media in order to make the full crossover into that career path.

What do you like most about this field?

I truly enjoy the constant challenges that Digital Marketing presents, it always keeps me on my toes. Having to create and manage content over multiple platforms that have numerous dimensions is no easy job, but I take pride in being able to conquer it every day.

The best part of my job is using my creative vision. Knowing that I am able to put my personal stamp on our brand makes the effort it takes for everything to run smoothly, worth it. Plus, it's always nice to see my work displayed in public.

What's your favorite type of signage to work on at M?

Creating original art for our 116 screen video wall in the buffet is the most fun for me. The screens have such a unique format since its dimensions are extremely horizontal. The dimensions allow me to really use my creative edge to produce something special. I've also been lucky enough to experiment with a lot of various artistic ideas for these displays over the last few years. Flexing my imaginative muscle makes the aspect of creating digital displays more rewarding.

Aaron has been with the M prior to the resort's Grand Opening in 2009.You can look for his work on over 220 digital displays throughout the M Resort.