Kickin' it in Some Shiny Kicks

At the M, we're all about amenities; you know those little extras that give you a little extra. One of those amenities allows you to start your evening at the M on the right foot with a properly-shined shoe.

Shoeshine"Want a true 'old school' Vegas experience? Start with a pair of well-shined shoes," touts Heather Holton, the owner and operator of Guys and Dolls Shoeshine Company, whom the M has partnered with for the shoe shine service. "A great shoeshine has always stood the test of time."

Heather works as M Resort's resident shoe shiner. She shines away at her stand next to Baby Cakes Patisserie. "I'm crazy about shining shoes! If I could, I would shine all the shoes in the world!"

Heather hasn't quite yet shined all the shoes in the world but she's well on her way, having already shined some very important shoes.


One evening when Heather was working at another Vegas resort she noticed a circle of people surround her booth and a lot of commotion start. She didn't look twice (this is Vegas after all) and began shining the shoes of the man who had just sat in her chair. Next thing Heather heard was a different man next to her saying, "Mr. President we have to leave now." Heather looked up and noticed a handsome silver-haired man with a big smile; she then realized it was President Bill Clinton. He praised her services by saying it was the best shoeshine he had ever had.

Give your shoes the presidential treatment or give your scuffed shoes a new life with a shoeshine from Heather Thursday-Monday from 4-10 pm. Our shoe shining service is available complimentary (that magic word that means free) to all visitors. But remember, when you get great service, it’s always nice to give a little extra to the person providing the service.