17,000 Items and a Rocking Chair

Lost & FoundEver forget your lucky pair of socks in a hotel room, or how about your favorite…rocking chair? These are just some of the over 17,000 items that have been collected at M's Lost & Found since the resort's opening in 2009. We took a peek inside the secured room to see what treasures our guests leave behind and the lengths our team goes to get their favorite items returned to them.

Our Lost & Found takes in about 100 new items per week, 20 percent of those being cell phones. Items are found all over our resort, from the casino floor, hotel rooms and yes, even at the pool. Once an item is found, it is tagged, which notes where, when and whom the item was found by. This allows the team to easily and accurately categorize and keep trackLost & Found Interior of everything that is turned in, in hopes of reuniting items with their original owners.

So what happens if you left your favorite sweater, or something else you just can't live without at M and you don't live locally? If the item is in our Lost & Found we are more than happy to ship it to you, even if it is a wet bathing suit. We've shipped items as far as England. Our Lost & Found's most extravagant find to-date? A a hefty sum of cash. A hotel guest once forgot $10,000 in their hotel room. Fortunately, the rightful owner was found (and very happy we might add) to have their cash back. Strangest thing our Lost & Found has received? A rocking chair and when we took a look in the room the other day, we also found, among lots of things, walking canes.

While our team works hard to ensure all items lost are found by their rightful owners, if an item goes unclaimed for 30 days, it is donated to various local charities such as the Las Vegas Rescue Mission and Shade Tree Shelter.