Just when you thought M couldn't get any better

FantasyMelonGingerHappy hour? Reverse happy hour? Happy hours? Be at this bar between these hours and get these drinks for this price. As you know we like to say here at the M Point of View - that's all well and good. But as you also know, we like to do things better.

Your happy hour options are almost endless here in Vegas - just about everybody has one (or several) and everyone is trying to get you to come to theirs. Isn't it a bit confusing though? Don't you hate having to plan your schedule around the happy hour or even happy hours? "We have to get there by 6 or we'll miss happy hour!" "Would you like to order another drink - happy hour ends in a few minutes?"

HHAdblogAt M Resort you won't miss it and you won't be scurrying to find a server and order another before the magic hour is over, watching as the "spare" one you got just in case gets warm. Ours friends, is Happy Hour Guaranteed. What does that mean? Simple. Happy hour. Every bar. Every day. All the time. $5 for premium drinks, $3 for bottled beer and 1/3 off bottles of wine. It's simple, it's a great deal and it starts today. Sapphire and Tonic? Captain and Coke? Goose Martini up, extra dirty? Bottle of Stella? Bottle of your favorite cab? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. You call it, we pour it.


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*Must be 21 years of age or older. Some restrictions apply. Management reserves all rights.