Drinks to Bring Your Irish Out

IrishbeerHappy St. Patrick's Day! Here at the M we're breaking out our Irish Whiskey and Guinness beer to celebrate a beloved holiday that doesn't even require that you have a drop of Irish blood in you!

We could talk about the history of the holiday or about its association with the color green, but instead we decided it would be a lot more fun to talk about the drinks! We compiled a guide to some of our Irish-inspired beer and cocktails that you can find throughout our property. Here goes:


32 Draft Bar with 96 beers on tap

Let's start with the good ol' beer. We know you have the classic choice of Guinness but for those looking to branch out, 32 Draft Bar, our bar for the consummate beer lover, recently added several new beers, coincidentally in time for St. Patrick's Day! Here's a look at some of the new additions inspired by the Irish.

  • Smithwick's: The original amber ale from Ireland. While this beer is clearly an Ale it takes characteristics from both Ale and Lager styles. Clean and smooth with rich malts.
  • Wexford Irish Cream: The authentic Irish Ale dates back to 1810 from Wexford. Brewed using the original family recipe with Irish malt and hops, Wexford has a smooth mellow creaminess.
  • Murphy's Irish Stout: Brewed from all natural ingredients; smooth and creamy, with a subtle bitterness. The blackish color comes from a difference in process at the roasting stage.

Lucky Leprechaun Specialty Cocktail

If ales and stouts just aren't your thing, don't worry. All our bars also feature our Lucky Leprechaun specialty cocktail, which promises to bring out the Irish in ya. Made with Baileys, Frangelico and a dash of green cr?me de menthe it's a classic and we venture to say, it'll bring you some luck.

We don't think you'll have any problem finding a drink you'll enjoy, but if the above choices still don't have you inspired, perhaps our price point will. Even on St. Patrick's Day, our Happy Hour 24/7 still applies – meaning that Lucky Leprechaun specialty cocktail and that Jameson Whiskey are just $5, along with all our other premium drinks. And those bottled beers of Guinness (and all other bottled beers) they'll run you just $3 - at every bar, all the time, every day.

So, raise your glass and cheers to good health! Slainte!