Bring on the madness

RSB3So imagine it's April 4 and since you're not at the final game of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament, you're instead sitting in the M Resort race & sports book, or perhaps at 32 Degrees. The action is intense - fast breaks, big points and unexpected runs. What did you take? The over? Maybe a first-half money line? Nope, you took the next free-throw would be made. What? That's madness!

MarchMadnessblogIt sure is - March Madness. If you haven't tried In-Running Wagering technology from Cantor Gaming here at M, the tournament is the perfect time. The folks over at Cantor asked themselves "Why should the betting action stop when the game starts?" The simple answer was that it shouldn't. From one of the betting stations in the book or from a mobile tablet you can use in areas beyond the book here at the property, the betting action at M matches the action on the court.

If sports betting isn't your thing though, have no fear. The property is filled with great venues which are in turn filled with lots of TVs for all your basketball viewing pleasure. On select dates between March 17 - April 4, you'll also be able to join in some viewing parties in Ravello Lounge hosted by Mike O'Brian from KKLZ 96.3. With drink deals, contests, prize giveaways and of course the lovely Bud Girls, it's going to be party after party. Check out the graphic for specific dates and time and join us here at M - bring on the Madness!