Taking it to the house

Here at the M Point of View, one of our favorite topics to cover is the little things that make a big difference here at the property. They're not always the most glamorous things or the most visible things, and they probably aren't things you'll find other properties talking about. There's a reason for that though - they're the things that make M Resort special.

MicSo, here's another one for you - in-house A/V. Okay, like we said, they're not the most glamorous of things. When it comes to planning an event here at M though, like your wedding, family reunion, or a large-scale meeting/conference, it's something you're going to appreciate a whole lot. Why? A few different reasons. First and foremost, your bottom line. A lot of properties out there have outside audio/visual companies who deliver, install, operate and tear down their own equipment and guess what, it's not cheap. Handling everything in-house means we remove a third party which results in savings that we can pass along to you.

SoundboardThose third parties bring us to our second point. When you're planning your event and while your event is actually underway, do you want to rely on a third party? You're already relying on the property where your event is being held so why throw someone else into the mix? When things go wrong, is the property going to pass the proverbial buck? "Sorry, that isn't our equipment so you'll have to take this up with them." With an in-house A/V department added to the already extensive meeting, catering and special events departments, you'll have Team Members from M every step of the way covering every aspect of your event. Your event essentially becomes our event, and believe us, we like our events to be flawless.

VideoProjectorYour event is important to you, to your family, your friends, your business and more. We know that and more importantly, we care about that. So remember when you're making choices about where to stay, where to play and where to have your event, those little and perhaps no so glamorous things can make a big difference.