New Year, New Slots

Slotsblog1If you're a regular reader of the M Point of View, you may remember posts like "The Full Ethernet Floor" and "Your Favorite Games." We're talking slots which as you know are a big part of the casino floor here at M Resort. With about 1,900 slots here, you have plenty to choose from, including popular classics as well as the latest new games on the market. With it being a new year, we thought we'd talk about some of the latest trends in slots you'll see in 2011 (and are already seeing).

Slotsblog3One thing you're bound to see more of this year are slots with community bonuses. While they were introduced a while back, these types of slots have continued to grow in popularity. And why not? When one person wins, everybody wins!

You'll also be finding more great popular culture themed games hitting casino floors. These games aren't just restricted to a single time period either. Tarzan, Dirty Dancing, The Dark Knight, The Hangover, The Godfather and many more are on the way. Movies not your thing? Television is represented too with games based on popular shows like American Idol and a new Deal or No Deal themed slot.

Slotsblog2Perhaps the most significant trend for 2011 you'll see however, is the expansion of interactive games which offer direct player input. Generally taking the form of bonus games, these slots ask players for more than simply selecting an item on a touch screen. Look for bonuses including mini-games where your skill and direct input have a bearing on the outcome. From spinning a virtual wheel and using pinball-like flipper action buttons, to fending off alien invaders and more, these slots will definitely make you a part of the action.

It's not just the great new games and technology you'll find on our casino floor that make M a great place to play slots, however. Natural light on the casino floor, 96 beers on tap just waiting for slot players to order, and let's not forget an amazing player's club with tons of free gifts and great comps are all things that make M a delight for players. There's always something extra you get here at M too - great service. As a Forbes Four-Star property, you know the staff here is going to be top-notch. From our award winning M Girl cocktail waitresses to the technicians keeping those machines up and running, our Team Members are a big part of what will surely make your time gaming a pleasure.