It never hurts to ask…

CasinoFloortablesblog1…And when it comes to table games players here at M Resort, that statement holds true. Why? Because we've always taken the attitude that this should be a gamblers place to game. Now that statement may seem a bit odd. Of course it's a gamblers place to game - it's a casino! But if you've gambled in Vegas at an assortment of properties, you may have noticed that some places seem to understand and appreciate their players and in turn, provide them with service that reflects this appreciation and then there are the places that don't. It seems simple, doesn't it? Why on earth would a casino not cater to their players?

For many people, the things that we do at our tables aren't that obvious. For players who play a lot of table games and do so frequently however, the differences are easier to spot. Looking for a $5 game? We've got one. All the time. On a winning streak? Don't worry, you won't see a deliberate shuffle or dealer change. In the middle of a hand? Our cocktail waitresses know it and won't ask you if you'd like anything until they know you're ready. Want to touch the cards at the baccarat table? We charge $25 instead of the usual $100 you'll find in Vegas. Looking to raise the limit in our High Limit Salon? $10,000? Okay. Want to play in the High Limit Salon but not looking to drop thousands? You can play for as little as $50 and you'll find a single-zero roulette wheel in there too.

CasinoFloortablesblog2The list goes on and on. But back to that title - it never hurts to ask. When it comes to table games here at M (or just about anything for that matter), this holds true. Our players ask for new games and we get them, like the Crazy Four Poker we just added. Want an iMagine Rewards card but don't want to wait in line? Just ask - we'll make you one right in the pit. When you are ready for that cocktail, ask for what you really want - if we've got it or can make it, it's yours. Hungry? Let us see what we can do.

We're not here to tell you we're going to give every player anything and everything their heart desires, but we are here to tell you that at M Resort we're here to help. If you have a reasonable request, it would be our pleasure to try and make it happen.