Cater to the New Year

It's a brand new year and one of the things we'd like to start sharing with you are some of the trends we're seeing for 2011. As a resort property, we keep tabs on trends on everything from food and beverage, to gaming, hotel, pools and more. Here are a few of the items that are trending in the catering world - apply them at home for your own entertaining or take advantage of them when you book an event here at M Resort:

Comfort foods are still in as we have yet to recover from the recession, but we are seeing them mixed in with other items that are for more distinguished palates.


Along with comfort foods, comes comfort candies. Everything and anything displayed in glass jars don’t last long. Use smaller plastic bags to help keep candy around long enough for everyone to get some.

Receptions with hand-passed hors d’oeuvres only instead of action stations. This is making our chefs more creative on how they present simple bite-sized items that used to be served on small plates. And we can pass food with the ebb and flow of groups, thus maintaining freshly served food all the time.

Go green. Disposable is not what it used to be - with bamboo and other green utensils and serving platters that look great, especially for outdoor events of which we see a lot of in Vegas.Organicproduceblog

Organic and locally-grown fresh produce are always a hit, but not as easy in the Las Vegas market. We rely heavily on our California neighbors and South America to get us the best produce and this market will become more in demand as people want to eat healthier and be more sustainable.

Along with organic foods, we see chefs using foods that are also healthy – pomegranate, soy, kelp, and other heart healthy foods will be used more and more in the future.

Cocktails will always be a hit, especially when they are new, exciting and tasty. Mixologists and bartenders alike can be just as creative as chefs, and using glassware that was once reserved for a specific drink isn’t a bad thing anymore.

The Las Vegas market has both a wide range of local and tourist palates to impress. We think this is why restaurants and caterers remain so competitive and aren’t afraid to change it up. With chefs from around the world working in Las Vegas, we can easily compete with New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other major hubs. Again, with the wide variety of tourists, locals and their budgets, there is enough to please everyone.

SeasaltblogThe use of salt. With such a wide variety of salts at our disposal, local chefs aren’t afraid to try them on their guests. Sea salts are still in demand and can complement a steak like no other. They are also healthier (less sodium) and more flavorful than their table salt counterparts.