An Art and a Science

breadblog7It comes in thousands of shapes and sizes and offers thousands of different tastes and textures. Here at M Resort, bread is something we do incredibly well. You won't just find white or wheat here either. We're talking Kalamata olive, ciabatta, traditional French baguettes and boules, flatbreads, pretzel breads, foccacia, pumpernickel and some sort of flat, cheesy, crispy delicious offering almost like a cracker that we just don't know the name of, among many others. Here's your fair warning now: If you dine in one of our restaurants it can be very difficult to stop eating the bread. (So don't say we didn't warn you and get all upset when you don't have room for that Buffalo Rossini with foie gras, wild mushrooms, red onion jam and truffle sauce the chef so painstakingly prepared for you!)

breadblog1From plain white dinner rolls to the beautifully scored artisan loaves, there's no doubt that baking bread is an art form. The bread you'll find here is a whole lot more than a starchy filler - it's actually incredibly pleasing to the eye. It looks great, it smells wonderful, it feels interesting, it tastes delicious and it even sounds enticing as your neighbor munches their way through the basket. As we've mentioned before, dining shouldn't (and isn't here at M) just about eating food. Dining is an experience that should encompass all your senses.

breadblog2Bread, however, is more than an art - it's also a science and that science is primarily chemistry. Even the most experience bakers in the world will tell you how easy it is to mess up. The water temperature was off, the dough wasn't kneaded properly (which causes all sorts of self-esteem issues later in life), over and underproofing and let's not even get started on baking temperatures and times.

And what about pH? pH is the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution and when it comes to bread baking, that means the water used to create the dough. While it may seem trivial, water in different places around the world have different pH values. Here at M we "create" our own water on-site to make our breads and pastries. The pH of the water can be adjusted to match the pH of the water anywhere we'd like. New York-style bagels are made with water that matches New York and French baguettes are matched to Paris. Don't think it makes a difference? Come and taste our bread.