Ten Off-the-Cuff Vol. IV

Here it is, the final edition of "Ten Off-the-Cuff" for 2010. Here are ten off-the-cuff things we think are pretty cool at M Resort that you should know about:

EnomaticblogWine is one of those things that is very much subjective. There are some you love and others you just can't stand. And don't you hate it when you order an entire glass of one that you really don't care for? No worries in Hostile Grape: the enomatic wine machines here allow you to taste a huge variety of wines in one, three and five ounce pours with prices to match. Get a small taste if you're trying something for the first time that you're not sure about, or get a whole glass if it's a favorite.

MGirlsCalendarblogThe M Girls 2011 Calendar is definitely cool, as are the ladies themselves, and this is one cool thing here at M that won't be around forever so get 'em while they last. They're available for just $10+tax at 32 Degrees and Studio B Buffet and part of the proceeds goes to benefit the American Cancer Society.

MBarchandalierblogThere are some absolutely amazing chandeliers and other light fixtures here, but perhaps the most spectacular is in M Bar. It's made of thousands upon thousands of individual pieces that took an awful long time to assemble. It's definitely worth a gander.

mciderblogHow about another "M" something? It's our M Cider and it will definitely make you go "Mmmmm."

SpaTherapyPoolsblogWant to rid yourself of that winter chill? Try the therapy pools at Spa Mio. They'll warm you up and relax those holiday stress knots right out of you. Ooh! Cool chandelier again!

MarinellisWineRoomblogYes it's more wine, but it's really the room we wanted to point out. This is the electric wine room at Marinelli's. It's electric red and just so happens to house some pretty amazing reds you can enjoy with dinner.

OysterBarblogTucked between Terzetto and the Lobby Bar is the Oyster Bar. It's a great spot to saddle-up for some delicious seafood treats and easy conversation.


Here's one of our other favorite "M" things - the M sign on the side of the hotel tower. It can be programmed to do all sorts of cool things and if you come out to the property right now, you'll see it's gone all candy cane for the holidays.

WizardofOzslotsblogYou're not in Kansas anymore - this is Vegas baby! The new Great and Powerful Oz slots are REALLY cool. These slots feature some of the latest sensory immersion technologies, great bonuses and communal gaming.

MobiledeviceblogAnd while we're on the topic of gaming, have you tried it away from the slots and tables yet? Here at M we offer Cantor Gaming's eDeck devices which feature slots, video poker and table games right from a small wireless device.

That's ten! Come down and check them out!