Here's the deal

TableGames1blogThere are hundreds, if not thousands of different staff positions at a casino/resort property. One of the most sought after and difficult to perform is that of the table games dealer. Why is it sought after? For some it simply comes down to the money - dealers can make a very good living here in Vegas. This however, relates to the second reason many become dealers - customer interaction. Great table game dealers are very similar to great waiters and waitresses: they have a high-level of expertise so they know what they're doing and they understand customer service. Remember, great customer service doesn't always mean you're in the guest's face asking them if there's anything you can do to help - it's about timing and knowing when and when not to get involved and when that time is right, executing proficiently. In the table game dealer business, great customer service equals better tips.

TableGames2blogSo, there are definitely certain people who make great dealers. They have to have that customer service attitude. They have to be dexterous and able to handle things like cards, chips and dice. They have to understand mathematics and have the ability to calculate things quickly. All in all, it can be a tough business to break into and for a property, it can be a tough business finding dealers who are not only qualified, but also possess the personality that will truly make a great dealer.

Considering all this, M Resort has decided to take an interesting and rather unique approach to finding great dealers - the Table Games Academy. What's that you ask? It's just what it sounds like - a school to teach people how to become a table games dealer. Anyone, from any department, in any position can apply. The current class has students from a variety of departments including Food & Beverage, Security, Valet and others. The classes are no-cost and completed on the students' free time.

TableGames3blogIt may seem strange that a company would promote movement into a different position in a different department, but when you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. We're finding people who will make outstanding dealers which will ultimately benefit the property and benefit our guests. The students have the opportunity to make a better living and also learn a highly desirable and specialized skill free of charge. One student, for instance, has been working two jobs for more than 15 years and will now earn more than those two jobs combined. Since the students obviously have an interest in becoming dealers, the property is able to retain them here at M Resort rather than seeing them leave for another property.

Guess what? The teachers are doing this on their free time too and aren't getting paid. Why? They're learning management and training skills which can ultimately lead them to gaining a better position. The bottom line is that M Resort is providing its team members with opportunities to learn and grow professionally within the company which means great employees end up staying here. That also means those same employees stay here to provide you, our guests, with outstanding customer service. Win, win, win.

Why limit it just to dealers? That's right - we just started the Facilities Academy where team members can learn engineering and maintenance skills.