Ten Off the Cuff Vol. III

We know you were waiting!!! Here are 10 more off-the-cuff things we think are pretty cool at M Resort that you should know about:

TerzettopatioblogIf you haven't dined outside on the Terzetto patio, it's a must. The view is great and the infinity pools are definitely cool. They also make a perfect aisle if you're looking for a unique spot to get married.

ObeliskblogThe obelisk out by the porte cochere is something you should take a gander at. It's made of bronze and kind of resembles a gun sight. If you follow its line, it travels through the lobby, out over the pool, across the main stage and out to the famous Las Vegas strip.

MainstageblogAnd how about that main stage? An amazing view for guests and performers alike.

BallroomblogOkay, okay, maybe it's just a ballroom, but it's a HUGE ballroom and you might not have even known it was here tucked away on the spa level. Reception after Terzetto patio ceremony? Yep.


There's no better motivation to get fit than gazing out over our spectacular pool. Our fitness center offers a view for aesthetics and to help you keep going.


Antique tractor in a casino? Cool.

CeilingTilesblogYou may not have known what you were looking at, but the tiles covering the columns and ceiling on the casino floor are mother of pearl.

GlassElevatorblogMaybe you've never used it or even seen it, but there's a sweet glass elevator between the Lobby Bar and Oyster Bar - it travels down to the spa level and then further down to Hostile Grape.


That's right, M Resort has a gas station and you can use your iMagine Rewards points there. Nice.


Can't remember all the Triple Crown Winners? Who took the World Series in 1966? The walls at Vig Deli are covered in sports factoids to peak your interest or settle the debate.

Another 10! Check 'em out next time you visit us here at M!