Something that sparkles at Spa Mio

Jewelryblog1Spa Mio here at M Resort has a lot to offer, including something you may not expect - jewelry. Sure, the spa offers tons of great hair and skin products and of course all those wonderful treatments, but the jewelry is something that you should really check out. Why? Well, first of all the pieces are all hand-selected by the staff who make special trips to Southern California just to get new jewelry. That means they're going to be pieces you won't find anywhere else here in Vegas.

Jewelryblog2Second, the jewelry at Spa Mio is incredibly affordable. Most pieces range from $10-20 allowing guests to purchase a few pieces at a time and create a layered look, which as you may or may not know is very much in style right now.

Jewelryblog3Third, it's the holiday season of course and these fun and funky pieces make great gifts. Affordable and unique, they're sure to please.

Jewelryblog4And the final reason to check out the jewelry at Spa Mio? If you don't check it out soon it will all be gone!