Give Thanks

CornucopiablogHappy Thanksgiving everyone! As we're prone to do on holidays, we thought we'd share a very brief bit of history and info on Thanksgiving:

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states. It wasn’t until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November.*

Since today is about giving thanks, we also thought it was important to share with you what we're thankful for here at M Resort. We're thankful for you our guests - without you, there is no M Resort. We thank you for your patronage of the property and all the kind words and gestures you've shared with us throughout the year. We're thankful for our Team Members - like our guests, without them there is no M Resort. We've been awarded and have become known for our incredible level of guest service and that's due to our amazing Team Members. We're thankful for all of you who have visited Las Vegas this year. It's been a challenging year for the country, but especially for Las Vegas, so thank you for visiting our wonderful city. Finally, we're thankful for our family and friends - and whether you're spending the holiday here with us, at home or somewhere else, we hope you're surrounded by yours.

Happy Thanksgiving