A close shave…and a delightful one.

When Father's Day and Christmas are here (not to mention during a large number of televised sporting events) you'll see a whole lot of commercials for fancy electric razors also known as "shave-o-matic-waterproof-lubricating gel-self-cleaning-comfort grip-multiblade-rotating-whatcha-ma-call-its." Now those are all well and good and make nice gifts. However, did you ever get a gift that was something really special? Something that was actually more of an experience and therefore something you still remember and it makes you smile? Those are the gifts we think everyone really likes to give and receive and we've got one for you here at Spa Mio at M Resort.

It just so happens that Vinnie the Barber, our Master Barber here at M Resort, offers what is called a "Master Shave." (And by the way, right now one of Spa Mio’s specials is that you get a complimentary haircut with your Master Shave!) Let us tell you, this isn't just a shave - it really is an experience. The process is incredibly involved and it's also incredibly relaxing. It's something not many people have done or may ever get to do in their lives because there just aren't that many master barbers out there doing it anymore. But rather than tell you more, we thought we'd go experience one for ourselves and capture it on video, so take a look at the video and then get one for dad, son, brother or grandpa because we bet it's something they'll really enjoy: