Home Means Nevada

NVstateOctober 31 is just a few days away. While most everyone will be thinking of witches and goblins, jack-o-lanterns and all that candy loot, here in Nevada the date also represents something else for us: Nevada Day. While now an official state holiday celebrated on the last Friday of the month, October 31 was the day Nevada was admitted to the Union and became the 36th state in 1864.

You may think of our beloved city Las Vegas when they think of the state and most people think about Halloween on October 31, but we thought we'd pay a little tribute to the Silver State that sometimes gets overshadowed on its birthday:

Nickname: "The Silver State" (due as you might expect to the large silver mining industry)silveroreblog

Motto: “All for Our Country”

Flag: "Battle Born" along with the state motto, relate to the time during which Nevada became a state, that being the American Civil War.

Song: "Home Means Nevada"

NVFlagblogState Bird: Mountain Bluebird

State Reptile: Desert Tortoise

State Animal: Desert Bighorn Sheep

State Flower: Sagebrush

State Tree: Single Leaf Pinon and Bristlecone PineBluebirdblog

State Rock: Sandstone

State Metal: Silver

State Precious Gemstone: Virgin Valley Black Fire Opal

State Semi-Precious Gemstone: Turquoise

So don't forget when you knock on that door, or ring that bell and shout out "Trick or Treat!" to throw in a "Happy Nevada Day!" for good measure.